1. Weirdo - Cathi Unsworth
Serpents Tail £11.99

"A dark, rich, serpentine story of jealousy and murder in a run down seaside town in 80's Britain. This fabulous book is full of twists, even delivering a huge surprise on the final page. Brilliant. Cathi Unsworth Review"

2. A Dark Redemption - Stav Sherez
Faber £7.99

"As Michael J Malone said on his review of this book last February... 'A Dark Redemptioní is classy, captivating and worth every penny Iím about to urge you to spend on it. ' Nuff said... Stav Sherez Author of the Month Review and Q&A"

3. Safe House - Chris Ewan
Faber £7.99

" Reviewer Graham Smith loved this one and praised it so much they put his quote on the American hardcover! Result! Now you can read this superb novel for the ludicrous price of 20p on Kindle. You'd be mad not to download it immediately... Chris Ewan Review"

4. The Cutting Season - Attica Locke
Serpent's Tail £14.99

"Caren is 'housekeeper' for Belle Vie and all the grounds. One morning despite her morning tour of the estate, a body is discovered. This is a novel about the heart of America and it's troubled history. Spellbinding. Attica Locke Review"

5. Devoured - D.E. Meredith
Allison and Busby £12.99

"'Devoured' heralds the first Victorian thriller featuring Professor Hatton and his morgue assistant, Roumande. reviewer, Sylvia Dixon loved Merdith's talent at bringing Victorian London to life. And this title is currently only 0.99p on Kindle. A stunning debut. D E Meredith Review"

6. Happy Days - Graham Hurley
Orion £7.99

"This is the last of the Faraday and Winter novels and Reviewer, Sylvia Dixon just can't say enough good things about this series based in Portsmouth. High praise indeed from a lady who is very choosey about who she reads. Graham Hurley Review"

7. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
Orion £7.99

"A portrayal of a marriage with lots of secrets. This gripping novel echoed the great Patricia Highsmith and was THE talked about novel of 2012 amongst crime fans. Gillian Flynn Review"

8. The Cold, Cold Ground - Adrian McKinty
Serpent's Tail £7.99

"Ireland's best and most creative crime author. If you haven't read him before - now is the time to correct such a wrong and read this man's work. Adrian McKinty Review"

9. Revenger - Tom Cain
Bantam £12.99

"The latest in the Carver series from the author of the brilliant 'The Accident Man'. Sam Carver is like Jack Reacher - but with balls! Tom Cain Author of the Month Review and Q&A"

10. Did You Miss Me? - Karen Rose
Headline £16.99

"This serial killer thriller has all the ingredients - fear, murder and action with a dash of romance. Perfect for those who love to be thrilled! Karen Rose Review"