Top Ten Books 2011

1. Island of Bones - Imogen Robertson
Headline £12.99

"Cumbria 1783. The first Earl of Greta's tomb has lain undisturbed for 300 years. Now curiosity has shown that there is one body too many inside... This is the third in the series and incredibly, betters the previous two which were astounding in their own right. If you haven't discovered this excellent series then get yourself to a bookshop and demand Imogen Robertson's books... now!"

2. Tom Wood - The Hunter
Sphere £6.99

"Victor - an assassin with no past or surname. A brilliant, thrilling debut novel. Look no further for the 'heir apparent' of Lee Child and Reacher."

3. The Quarry - Johan Theorin
Transworld £12.99

"No Top Ten would be complete without a Scandanavian crime novel - and Theorin (winner of the John Creasey CWA dagger 2009) is one of the best at telling a great story and making you feel freezing cold all at the same time! Astounding."

4. Hunted - Emlyn Rees
Corsair £12.99

"Action packed debut for the man who has dumped chick lit for guns. Hang on to your hats - 'Hunted' is a very thrilling and bumpy ride!"

5. Before I Go To Sleep - S. J. Watson
Transworld £7.99

" was one of the first to review this novel. We could see it was a winner a mile off! This has to be the thriller of the year EVERYONE has been talking about. An astonishing and accomplished debut. "

6. A Dance of Ghosts - Kevin Brooks
Arrow £6.99

"Brooks takes a vacation from teenage fiction to bring us this brilliant crime novel. A haunting book that really gripped and enthused our reviewer, Helen."

7. Dead Men's Harvest - Matt Hilton
Hodder £6.99

"Another sure, sharp thriller from the pen of Hilton. Hunter crosses swords with his old adversary, Tubal Cain... and it will get messy."

8. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter - Tom Franklin
Pan MacMillan £7.99

"Winner of the 2011 Best Crime Novel of the Year. With such evocative writing you can possitively smell the Mississippi as you turn the pages of this worthy winner."

9. Prophecy - S. J. Parris
Harper Collins £7.99

"Parris perfectly hits the right note in re-creating the essence of Tudor life. For those of you who love to get lost in the past this is an excellent novel to dive in to!"

10. The End of Everything - Meg Abbott
Picador £7.99

"A psycholigical thriller... a coming-of-age novel... an American version of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'. A multi layered novel that stood out amongst the crowd as fresh and innovative."