Top 10 Crime/Thriller Books of the Decade

1. The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
Corgi £7.99

"The biggest, most widely read crime/thriller novel of all time came out just before we launched. It inspired mega-fans and loathing in almost equal measure. The 'crime' scene generally didn't rate it, but it brought millions of new readers to this and every other genre. It also inspired a whole new sub-genre of 'Da Vinci-esque' thrillers that still keeps on rolling... We also happen to think it is a damn good crime/thriller!"

2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson
Quercus £7.99

"This spectacular novel by Swedish author, Larsson, comes with a whiff of pathos and mystery attached as the author died immediately prior to the publication of the first of the trilogy, completed just before his untimely demise. The storyline is spectacular and the writing sublime. But does the mystery get deeper...? Is there a 'secret' fourth novel hidden away somewhere in Sweden, as is widely rumoured? We shall see... "

3. The Take - Martina Cole
Headline £7.99

"This spectacular, award-winning breakout novel by the reigning Queen of Crime, Martina Cole, awoke an even larger audience to her gutsy, honest writing style. Some reviewers say she garners little literary merit from her creations. We say, lets see you do better... its bloody hard work! Oh, and she laughs all the way to the bank, meantime, as the most widely read crime author of her generation, bar none. Bravo, Martina, we salute you!"

4. Exit Lines - Ian Rankin
Orion £7.99

"Rebus' exit was a hugely anticipated (or possibly dreaded) moment in the career of Scottish crime writer, Ian Rankin's canon. The novel lived up to all expectations and then some. A fitting finale for one of the finest crime series characters of this, or any, generation. Despite Rebus' demise, Rankin continues to go from strength to strength."

5. Dissolution - C.J.Sansom
Pan £7.99

"A defining historical crime novel from this massively popular and acclaimed author. Seemed to inject a renaissance in historical crime. This, and the subsequent titles from the same author have been a phonomenal success..."

6. The Tenderness of Wolves - Stef Penney
Quercus £7.99

"We have a little gloat at the success of this title that we 'discovered' as a 'Fresh Blood' choice over six months before the hype and the awareds started rolling in... The author paints a vivid picture of a snow-bound Canada, despite never having visited the country. An astounding achievement that we feel sure is bound to last the test of time."

7. The Sixth Lamentation - William Broderick
Abacus £7.99

"Beautifully and elegantly written. A tale of loss that echoes down the years from the Second World War to the present day. It was a huge success when it was highlighted by the Richard and Judy list, but this 'first novel' lived up to the hype. Broderick went on to win the CWA award for best novel of the year with only his third book."

8. The Private Patient - P.D.James
Penguin £7.99

"A stunning addition to the canon of one of our greatest living crime authors. Truly a 'Grande Dame' of the scene... Rumours abound that this maybe the last case for Dalgliesh... we really hope this is not true. "

9. Relentless - Simon Kernick
Corgi £6.99

"This heavily promoted title put Kernick squarely onto the crime/thriller map. His signature breakneck style has been much emulated, but never bettered. This amazing story flies by at a breathless, breakneck and - indeed - relentless pace. "

10. A Quiet Belief in Angels - R.J.Ellory
Orion £7.99

"Ellory, who hails from Birmingham, writing about a murder set in America could be a cliché laden disaster, but the elegant literary style and stunning eye for detail, combined with the emotive tone of the writing make this a stand-out success that improves with each subsequent reading. "