- Celebrate the Best of the Past Ten Years

1. Borderlands - Brian McGilloway
Pan Books £6.99

"The first in a brilliant new series set on the border of Northern and Southern Ireland. Introducing Benedict Devlin, this is must for fans of Ian Rankin."

2. Tell No One - Harlen Coben
Orion £6.99

"The best book written by Harlan Coben. A stand alone with more twists than a cork screw. Will grip you from start to finish."

3. Dissolution - C J Sansom
Pan Books £7.99

"There is no one like Sansom... and Shardlake is believable - as is the period detail which Sansom writes as if he was there! Just brilliant!"

4. Death in Holy Orders - P D James
Penguin Books Ltd £7.99

"The Queen of Crime sets this wonderful thriller in a seminary and keeps you gripped. Her writing is skillful and gripping. "

5. River of Darkness - Rennie Airth
Pan Books £7.99

"The first John Madden book and first of a trilogy is set just after the first world war, 1921 and possibly the most gripping thriller ever."

6. Little Face - Sophie Hannah
Hodder Paperback £7.99

"This is a most impressive debut. The author has a clear sense of where she's taking the reader and not until the final page does she let you go - and then she leaves you shocked!"

7. Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly
Orion £7.99

"Introducing Micky Haller, this is a stunning thriller that stands there with The Firm by John Grisham."

8. Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett
Bantam Books £6.99

"Love Patricia Cornwell? Beckett is just better. Description of death is horrific but surprisingly gripping. The first in a series that is going to be up there with Scarpetta!"

9. The Coroner - M R Hall
Pan Books £6.99

"Jenny Cooper, Coroner, is new and fresh. You'll love this. Just trust me. The second book The Disappeared is even better! But you'll have to wait until Jan 2010 for it! "

10. Acts of Violence - Ryan David Jahn
Macmillan New Writing £12.99

"This is like a Tarantino movie in book form. Gripping, visual, horiffic and shocking. Meet Katrina Marino on her last night alive, before she is brutally murdered - witnessed by her neighbours, who all do nothing. It's a crime novel like no other you'll have read!"