Crime Books Of The Year 2005

1. With No One As Witness - Elizabeth George
Hodder and Stoughton £17.99

"George just gets it so right with this book. The writing and plot are both excellent."

2. The Not Knowing - Cathi Unsworth
Serpent’s Tail £7.99

"One of our finds of the year. A perfect little gem for the Christmas stocking."

3. Stranger House - Reginald Hill
Harper Collins £12.99

"Although not a Dalziel and Pascoe, this is a brilliant page-turner, full of typical Reginald Hill twists!"

4. Blood Eagle - Craig Russell
Hutchinson £10.99

"An exciting debut thriller set in Germany. The first to appear on our Fresh Blood page and still an absolute winner!"

5. Silence of the Grave - Arnaldur Indridason
Harvill £10.99

"A marvellous new talent to come from the shores of Iceland. It is a crime novel but with a beating heart in its centre. An excellent read."

6. Crosscut - Meg Gardiner
Hodder and Stoughton £18.99

"This book is akin to a multi-loop roller coaster ride. Just exhilarating - it leaves you breathless!"

7. The Lighthouse - P. D. James
Faber £17.99

"P.D. James one again brings us a well-crafted novel with a crime element. The writing is sublime and, like a good wine, she just gets even better with age."

8. The Italian Secretary - Caleb Carr
Little Brown £12.99

"There have been many different re-incarnations of Holmes and not all of them work. This one does. The cadence of the writing is so ‘right’ that Conan Doyle himself could have written it."

9. Nowhere’s Child - Francesca Weisman
Francesca Weisman £6.99

"The switches from 70’s, to 80’s and then to the present are seamless. This book will keep you gripped for hours."

10. The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly
Orion £17.99

"This is a best-seller with extraordinary literary merit. This man can do no wrong. Although, surprisingly, not an outing for Harry Bosch, this is by far his best crime novel yet!!"