June 2010

Lin Anderson - Final Cut

"The forensic and police procedural details are spot on, the characters engaging and the plot never short of compelling."

Where the hell had the kid found a human skull?

McNab heard an intake of breath behind him as someone else made out the shape in the torchlight. A metre away now, McNab crouched on a level with the child.

'Where did you find that, Emma?' he said softly.

She stared at him. 'I was lost. I heard them calling me.'

When Claire regains consciousness after a stranger causes her car to crash in a snowstorm, she is frantic to discover her nine-year-old daughter Emma missing from the back seat. Then Emma is found in the woods nearby, unharmed but cradling a child's skull. She claims it 'called to her' and she can hear another voice nearby...

Meanwhile, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is trying to discover the identity of a corpse found badly burned in a skip. The body is wearing a soldier's ID tag, but DNA tests show it's not him. When DS Michael McNab asks for her help identifying the remains Emma found, they discover the two cases are linked in ways they could never have imagined...

With her main protagonist, Dr Rhona Macleod, Lin Anderson takes on the assembled ranks of such characters provided in American based fiction and TV and gives them a damn good run for their money. If you enjoy crime fiction that has a leaning to the forensic or even if you just like an intriguing read - my advice is to make Lin Anderson your go-to- crime writer.

The forensic and police procedural details are spot on, the characters engaging and the plot never short of compelling. What particularly impressed me was Lin Anderson's ability to take the divergent plot strands and link them beautifully as the story unfolded. Event followed event, clues were highlighted and the action never let up to the very last word.

Lin Anderson recently signed a deal with ITV to have Final Cut and her other 5 novels adapted for the small screen. If you haven't done so already my advice is to get to know this excellent writer before she really hits the big time and you can act all superior with your crime fiction mates.

Reviewed by: M.M.

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