July 2006

Lindsay Ashford - Death Studies

"This is an intensely readable book…"

This story is set in Wales, near the cottage once owned by Megan Rhys' grandmother. Megan is to speak at a Police Conference on sex offenders in West Wales and is spending a few days relaxing by the sea at the cottage, which now belongs to Megan and her sister Ceri.

The period of relaxation is rudely interrupted by the discovery of a body in marshland near to the golf club. Because of the preservative qualities of the peat it is not immediately obvious how long the body has been there. It may be an example of an ancient body, well preserved, and this possibility excites a local archaeologist whose speciality is the preservation of bodies in the marsh.

Megan uses her skills in forensic psychology to unravel the secrets of the body in the bog, whilst her sister falls for another disastrous man and this time manages to rescue herself from the situation.

Death Studies is the third in the series. The second, Strange Blood, is currently short-listed for the Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award.

Death Studies is an intensely readable book, with characters that continue to develop as the series runs, strongly attracting the reader's interest. The plot is intriguing and moves along at a cracking pace. It is well up to the standard of the last two and definitely worth a read.

Reviewed by: S.D.

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