April 2008

Lindsay Ashford - The Killer Inside

"... displays a fine understanding of life and human nature..."

Dr. Megan Rhys, forensic psychologist, is visiting Her Majesty's Prison Balsall Gate to investigate the increase in the number of suicides taking place. Her cover is that she is looking at the role of “listener”, whereby a trusted prisoner takes on the role of confidante to troubled inmates. This “listener “ is Dominic Wilde, a lifer who has apparently reformed whilst in prison. On one visit another suicide is discovered with a particularly ghastly rictus grin. Dom Wilde is upset by the death of the young man who he has befriended, and doesn't believe it is suicide.

Looking into the murdered man's past, together with another death in similar circumstances, leads Megan to the killer. The connection with Dom Wilde that emerges has tragic consequences...

This is the fourth book in the Megan Rhys series and continues the excellent story-telling qualities of the others.

Megan is a strong character with a complicated private life who knows the system and uses her knowledge to pursue justice. Lindsay Ashford displays a fine understanding of life and human nature that contributes to the authenticity of the stories. In Megan's own life she finds herself in unconventional situations where her wide circle of friends is a lifeline. She is a very sympathetic character who draws you into her world. The reader ends up caring (and despairing) about what happens to her.

Megan's relationships with the police in this case are strained, and I am not convinced how much Megan's independent actions are possible or realistic. A fine addition to a reliable and enjoyable series.

Reviewed by: S.D.

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