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Author of the Month for March is Mick Herron. His ‘Slough House’ novels have garnered high praise with only four novels. The occupants of Slough House, led by their recalcitrant leader, Jackson Lamb, (who I am sure could be the lovechild of Reginald Hill’s marvellous creation, Andy Dalziel), are spooks who have been side-lined to Slough House in the sense of the famous saying, ‘been sent to Coventry’. Here their nightmare is to sort through mindless paperwork and be classed by the rest of the industry as a ‘slow horse’. However, they never were the kind of people just to sit back and be forgotten. With sparkling originality, a wonderful motley crew of spies and a cracking sense of humour, Herron delivers a spy/crime novel that stands head and shoulders above the parapet.

Fresh Blood was nominated by new reviewer, Kristy Collingbourne. She heaped praise on My Sister’s Bones by Nuala Ellwood. Based on current events, Ellwood’s novel deals with a news reporter suffering from PTSD who has now to face the demons at her family home in Herne Bay. Kristy said she devoured this book over three nights and was shocked by the twist. ‘My Sister’s Bones appears to be a book that will get everyone talking.

We have a bumper number of fantastic Reviews from all the Crimesquad team including the likes of Elly Griffiths, Matthew Hall, John Dufresne, Alan Judd and many more. .

The Penguin microsite features Nuala Ellwood and her debut crime novel, My Sister’s Bones. Nuala is also the Fresh Blood author on in March. We feel this book is so good she deserves two shout-outs from us!!!

Penguin Microsite

Classic Crime for February is George Bellairs. I have been collecting this man’s books from various second hand bookshops over the years and it is great to see them being re-printed. The British Library has released a double helping of Bellairs with the publication of The Dead Shall Be Raised and The Murder of a Quack. So, you have two helpings of D.I. Littlejohn for the price of one book!

Top Ten is on hiatus for the moment, but will be back!

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