COMPETITION - Ten Years of brought out its first lot of reviews in March 2005. The first Author of the Month was Victoria Blake and the first Fresh Blood author was Craig Russell and his debut Blood Eagle.

Back then it was only me and my best friend, Helen - so Reviews totalled three in our first month. I remember ringing Helen and asking her what she had recently read, to be told she had just finished the latest John Grisham. I told her to write a review and sent it to me! Lisa Gardner and Jillianne Hoffman were the other two. And that was it!

I was quickly blessed with great reviewers: Sylvia and Sarah Ward, (soon to have her own book published by Faber), then we were joined by Michael Malone who was quickly followed by Graham Smith (both these fine men are now published authors). Helen is still reviewing and devouring books in the blink of an eye. The new kids on the block are Jo Parker and Michael Wood.

Without these guys there would not be a We would not review so many great books that are out there. On average we review about twenty books a month. That is a big percentage of the books we receive and more than most can produce. So, I can only thank my marvellous Merry Men of It wouldn't be the website it is without you!

To celebrate ten years a lot of lovely publishers have donated a book to the competition. These books are a wonderful, heady mix of the old guard and fresh blood. Whoever wins this lucky treasure trove of twelve books will have some seriously amazing entertainment at their fingertips.

So, don't delay! There isn't even a question you have to answer. Just send me an email with your name and address and I will put you in the hat. I will announce the winner in mid-April. Wish you luck!!

Here is the list of books on offer:

Ruth Rendell - The Girl Next Door (signed) (Random House)

The Girl Next Door: Crimesquad Review

Peter May - Runaway (Quercus)

Runaway: Crimesquad Review

Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train (Doubleday)

The Girl on the Train: Crimesquad Review

S.J. Watson - Second Life (Doubleday)

Nicci French - Blue Monday (Penguin)

Blue Monday: Crimesquad Review

Michael J. Malone - Beyond the Rage (signed) (Saraband)

Beyond the Rage: Crimesquad Review

Alex Gray - Keep the Midnight Out (Sphere)

Keep the Midnight Out: Crimesquad Review

Lisa Gardner - Crash and Burn (Headline)

Crash and Burn: Crimesquad Review

Quentin Jardine - Last Resort (Headline)

Graham Smith - Snatched from Home (signed) (Caffeine Nights)

Snatched from Home: Crimesquad Review

Emily St. John Mandel - Last Night in Montreal (Picador)

Yrsa Sigurdardottir - My Soul to Take (Hodder)

My Soul To Take: Crimesquad Review


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