Here is the cover reveal of Dreda Say Mitchell's new crime thriller entitled 'Vendetta'.

Mitchell, who won the CWA John Creasey Dagger for Best First Crime Novel with 'Running Hot' releases her latest novel in November 2014.

You can also download the first six chapters of 'Vendetta' to get a real taste of this highly anticipated novel from an exciting author of this genre.

Click here for the first six chapters of 'Vendetta' absolutely free!

Below Dreda writes about her writing journey with 'Vendetta'.

'For any writer, the famous change of direction can be a fraught business. But after my last series of novels drew to a close, I felt the time was right to shift focus. The essential elements of crime writing, tight plotting, drama, characterisation, a racy and pacey style are always going to be important. But nowhere is that more true than in the thriller format which is where my latest novel, Vendetta, is going.

The backdrop to my new series is the careers of three cops who were at police training college together and have gone in different directions. The first novel in this series, Vendetta features (very topically) an undercover cop, Mac. He sets off in his pursuit of the unknown killers of his lover only to find the trail involves cheating, double crossing and extreme violence. It also includes the two other new characters, Rio a black female detective and their disgraced former colleague Calum who is now a security consultant.

In addition to changing direction there was another different element to this latest book. My partner Tony writes and has always offered support to my writing. For this new series, we decided to formalise that collaboration.

For me writing has always been about the readers. I'm confident that this new
series will be as thrilling to read as they were to write.'


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