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This month we see the return of Marple to our screens. Two episodes originate from Miss Marple stories, ‘A Caribbean Mystery’ which is one of my favourite Marple novels and ‘Greenshaw’s Folly’ which appeared at the end of the collection of short stories highlighted in ‘The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding’. The series wraps up with ‘Endless Night’ and I look forward to seeing how they have incorporated Miss Marple in to Christie’s macabre tale of murder, superstition and the supernatural.

To celebrate Agatha Christie and her marvellous books the Folio Society have released the most gorgeous and attractive box set of Miss Marple novels. So while we look forward to the new series on ITV later this month, you can acquaint yourself, as I do with the machinations of St. Mary Mead and its guardian angel in the form of an ancient ‘old pussy’ with much lace, many layers, blue eyes that never miss anything and a razor sharp mind to outfox any criminal. Yes, it is the avenging angel herself, the one and only Nemesis… Miss Marple!

You couldn’t call yourself a true Christie fan without this wonderful edition sitting on your bookshelf. I am sure that there are many like me who have several editions of Christie’s books with different covers. And I know this will be an attractive addition to many Christie fans. The four novels feature Marple’s first appearance in ‘The Murder at the Vicarage’ which is a timeless classic and has Christie’s assured stamp on it. ‘The Body in the Library’ is included alongside another Marple favourite of mine, ‘A Pocketful of Rye’ which has to have the most heart-breaking ending to any Christie novel when Miss Marple unexpectedly receives the evidence she needs to hang a cold and calculating murderer.

Finally, this box set is completed with ‘Sleeping Murder’ which again I loved when I first read it thirty years ago. These sumptuous editions (and there is no other word for them) make the perfect quartet for any Christie aficionado. Inside each novel are a number of illustrations by Andrew Davidson which beautifully capture moments from each novel and magically encapsulate the essence of that time.

There is also an introduction by Christie biographer, Laura Thompson in the first volume. These editions are absolutely divine and you can’t call yourself a true Christie fan without these beauties shining like a beacon on your bookshelf. To purchase your copy click on the link below to the Folio Society website.

Folio Society - Miss Marple Novels


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