ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards

CRIMESQUAD.COM was delighted to be invited to the glamorous surroundings of the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane to attend the recording of the first ITV3 Crime/Thriller Awards at a 'star-studded' event.

The literary crime glitterati were out in force along with numerous 'faces' from TV and the media in the usual frenzy that these events typically garner. We felt that the event itself was perhaps less fulfilling than one might have hoped - at least for seasoned crime fiction fans. The entire premise of the evening was based upon a wide scale public vote response to some legendary 'telly' detective. Hence Val McDermid, P.D. James, Ruth Rendell, Lynda La Plante, Ian Rankin and - the eventual winner - Colin Dexter's characters were perhaps more on trial than the authors themselves.

The literary awards appeared to be something of an afterthought and both shortlists and some eventual winners were greeted with rather puzzled looks by many 'in the know' on the night. The burning question seemed to be - who judged this? Sadly, we were never informed. Clearly all such awards are subjective, but it was a great shame that so many of the eventual winners were unable to attend the ceremony. Possibly leaving the ones who had travelled - often thousands of miles - somewhat bemused by the whole affair.

Naturally, the spotlight that digital platform channel ITV3 places on the genre is flattering and will have boosted sales for the authors concerned to some extent. It was a great shame that so many of the 'celebrity' award presenters had clearly never read a crime or thriller book in their lives. We felt that Ricky Gervais was downright rude about the genre - but maybe that's just his schtick.

All told, it would be churlish to describe the event as anything less than accomplished and professional. We await with interest to see if ITV3 will commission another similar event next year - and who will turn up!

Our picture shows Dame Helen Mirren, who presented the ITV3 Writer’s Award for Classic TV Drama.


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