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Rhiannon Ward - My Ghostly Journey
Bad Penny Blues Re-Issue
Murder Squad - The First 20 Years
Ted Lewis: Plender and GBH
Fred Vermorel
Maigret Omnibus: The Folio Society
M.W. Craven Q&A and Capital Crime
Agatha Christie: A Trio
James Ellroy: An Appreciation of his books.
The Fake’s Progress: The Journey of Edgar Laplante
Jørn Lier Horst: Why Do We Read Crime?
Fact or Fiction? by Saul David
The Dark Ladies of Crime by Christopher Fowler
James Jackson - Treason
Killer Women - Killer Weekend
The New Novel featuring Lisbeth Salander
Remembering the Battle of Passchendaele.
Celia Fremlin - The Hours Before Dawn
Wonder Woman - The Renaissance
The Sinking Admiral
Koethi Zan
An Appreciation of Patricia Highsmith.
On being Irish by Sheila Bugler
A Dark-Adapted Eye: 30th Anniversary Ed.
In Memory: William McIlvanney by Michael J. Malone
Daphne du Maurier
Wonder Woman and her Greek heritage.
Cover Reveal for new Dreda Say Mitchell.
The Golden Age of Murder
The Return of Earth 2
The Many Faces of Josephine Tey
Crime Fiction in Graphic Novels
A Man Called Mitchell
COMPETITION - Ten Years of
75 Years of The Batman
P.D. James - A Tribute
Hark! Hark! The Dog does bark!
The final Ariana Franklin novel, 'Winter Siege'
Susan Hill - Q&A with the author.
Ruth Rendell - A Celebration of her Novels
Crime Fiction and the Great War
The Renaissance of Domestic Suspense
50th Anniversary of 'From Doon With Death'
Michael Malone and Bashir Saoudi
Celia Fremlin (1914 – 2009) An Appreciation
Poirot - The End of an Era
Silver Anniversary for Dr Hannibal Lecter!
Miss Marple Novels - The Folio Society
Lee Child - A Quick Interview
James Herbert
50th Anniversary of P.D. James' 'Cover Her Face'.
Deon Meyer talks to Michael J. Malone
The Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2012
50 Years of James Bond
A Murderous Weekend at 'Bloody Scotland'
William McIlvanney at Bloody Scotland
Batman - The Great Detective?
Morse Creator, Colin Dexter Honoured at Harrogate.
Michael J. Malone signs Crime Debut 'Blood Tears'
CrimeFest 2012 - Debut Author Panel (26-05-12)
P. D. James Event at Foyles, London.
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ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards
Dick Francis Silks Launch
CRIMESQUAD Sponsors Local Library Event
Harrogate 2008 - Stef Penney Wins Top Award
MIRA Launch
CWA Daggers 2008
Chris does the Moonwalk
2007 Ellis Peters Historical Crime Award
Jane Huxley Launch Event
An Evening with Christopher Fowler
Harrogate Crime Writers Festival - 2005

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Previous Issues

July 2022
Author of the Month - Nadine Matheson
Fresh Blood - Jack Lutz
Classic Crime - Christianna Brand
     Laurie Petrou - Stargazer
     Brian McGilloway - The Empty Room
     Neil Lancaster - The Blood Tide
     Mark Edwards - No Place To Run
     Hannah King - She and I
     Sarah Pinborough - Insomnia
     Amy McCulloch - Breathless
     Rosemary Shrager - The Last Supper
     Sharon Bolton - The Dark
     Horst Enger - Unhinged
     Cynthia Harrod Eagles - Headlong
     Ragnar Jónasson  - Outside
     Martin Edwards - The Crooked Shore
     M.C. Beaton with R.W. Green - Down The Hatch
     Georges Simenon - The People Opposite
     Nadine Matheson - The Jigsaw Man
     Colin Dexter - Riddle of the Third Mile
     Patricia Highsmith - Ripley Under Water
     James Patterson and James O. Born - The Russian

February 2022
Author of the Month - Stuart Neville
Fresh Blood - Amen Alonge
Classic Crime - Agatha Christie
     Sarah Bonner - Her Perfect Twin
     Faith Martin - A Fatal Night
     Olivier Norek - The Lost and the Damned
     Louise Welsh - The Second Cut
     Sarah Goodwin - Stranded
     Elly Griffiths - The Locked Room
     Thomas Morris - The Dublin Railway Murder
     C.M. Ewan - The Interview
     Robert Bryndza - Darkness Falls
     C.S. Robertson - The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill
     John Simpson - Our Friends in Beijing

December 2021
Author of the Month - Craig Russell
Fresh Blood - Robbie Morrison
Classic Crime - William McIlvanney
     Martin Walker - Bruno’s Challenge and other Dordogne Tales
     Christopher Fowler - Bryant and May: London Bridge Is Falling Down
     Simon Kernick - Good Cop, Bad Cop
     Charles Cumming - Judas 62
     Simon Scarrow - The Honour of Rome
     John le Carré - Silverview
     Nicola Upson - The Dead of Winter
     Marion Todd - Next In Line
     E.R.C. Lorac - Checkmate To Murder
     Nick Louth - The Body on the Moor
     Katerina Diamond - Trick or Treat
     Agatha Christie - The Tuesday Murder Club
     Leigh Russell - Deep Cover
     Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe's Assassin

October 2021
     Rhiannon Ward - The Shadowing
     William McIlvanney and Ian Rankin - The Dark Remains
     Claire Douglas - The Couple at No.9
     Georges Simenon - Death Threats and Other Stories
     Ann Cleeves - The Heron's Cry
     Elly Griffiths - The Midnight Hour
     Linwood Barclay - Find You First
     A.J. Cross - Dark Truths
     S.D. Sykes - The Good Death
     Anthony Horowitz - A Line To Kill
     James Patterson and Adam Hamdy - Private Rogue
     Colin Dexter - The Dead of Jericho
     P.D. James - The Skull Beneath the Skin
     Robert Goddard - The Fine Art of Invisible Detection

August 2021
Author of the Month - Megan Abbott
Fresh Blood - Ann Bloxwich
Classic Crime - Frederick Forsyth
     Will Carver  - The Beresford
     Vaseem Khan - The Dying Day
     Laura Lippman - Dream Girl
     Ragnar Jónasson  - The Girl Who Died
     Lindsey Davis - A Comedy of Terrors
     Laura Dave - The Last Thing He Told Me
     Tom Bradby - Triple Cross
     John Bude - Death on the Riviera
     Alice Hunter - The Serial Killer's Wife
     M.C. Beaton - Hot To Trot
     Steve Cavanagh - The Devil's Advocate
     Karen Hamilton - The Last Wife
     Colin Dexter - Service of All The Dead
     James Patterson and James O. Born - Blindside
     Patricia Highsmith - Ripley's Game
     Patricia Highsmith - The Boy Who Followed Ripley

June 2021
Author of the Month - Joseph Knox
Fresh Blood - Sarah Pearse
Classic Crime - E.C.R. Lorac
     M.W. Craven - Dead Ground
     Marion Todd - What They Knew
     Martin Walker - The Coldest Case
     E.C.R. Lorac - Murder at the Mill-Race
     S.V. Leonard - The Islanders
     E.C.R. Lorac - Murder By Matchlight
     Will Shindler - The Burning Men
     Mari Hannah - Without A Trace
     Sarah Hilary - Fragile

May 2021
Author of the Month - David Fennell
Classic Crime - Ngaio Marsh
     Danuta Kot - Someone Who Isn't Me
     M.J. Lee - When The Evil Waits
     Stephen Clarke  - The Spy Who Inspired Me
     Alex Gray - Before The Storm
     Paul Herron - Breakout
     Neil Broadfoot - The Point of No Return
     Frances Brody - Death and the Brewery Queen
     Lynda La Plante - Judas Horse
     Kate Morgan - Murder: The Biography
     Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger - Smoke Screen
     James Patterson and Maxine Paetro - 21st Birthday

April 2021
Author of the Month - Simon Scarrow
Fresh Blood - Tina Jackson
Classic Crime - Patricia Highsmith
     Femi Kayode  - The Lightseekers
     Elly Griffiths - The Night Hawks
     Sharon Bolton - The Pact
     Romy Hausmann - Dear Child
     Gytha Lodge - Lie Beside Me
     James Oswald - What Will Burn
     Jane Harper - The Survivors
     Ann Cleeves - The Darkest Evening

February 2021
Author of the Month - Will Dean
     Margaret Murphy - Don't Scream
     M.J. Lee - Where The Truth Lies
     Rory Clements - A Prince and A Spy
     Oscar De Muriel - The Dance of the Serpents
     Nick Louth - The Body Under The Bridge
     Jørn Lier Horst  - The Inner Darkness
     Parker Bilal - The Heights
     Tom Bradby - Double Agent
     Lisa Hartley - Home Fires Burn
     Radha Vatsal  - A Front Page Affair
     M.J. Lee - When The Past Kills
     Patricia Highsmith - Ripley Under Ground

December 2020
Author of the Month - Jeffrey Archer
Fresh Blood - Sharon Bairden
Classic Crime - Minette Walters
     Robert Bryndza - Shadow Sands
     Barbara Nadel - A Time To Die
     Neil Spring - The Haunted Shore
     Simon Kernick - Kill A Stranger
     Ragnar Jónasson  - Winterkill
     Sheila Bugler - When the Dead Speak
     Lee Child and Andrew Grant - The Sentinel
     Micheal Connelly - The Law of Innocence
     Simon Scarrow - Emperor of Exile
     Ian Rankin - A Song for the Dark Times
     Laura Thompson - Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life
     P.D. James - Devices and Desires
     Brian Masters - Killing For Company
     Ann Cleeves - A Lesson In Dying

November 2020
     Margaret Murphy - Before He Kills Again
     Nicola White - A Famished Heart
     Jeff Abbott - Blame
     Ann Granger - A Matter of Murder
     Elly Griffiths - The Postscript Murders
     David Mark - The Burying Ground
     Alex Dahl - Playdate
     Antonia Hodgson - The Silver Collar
     Charles Cumming - Box 88
     S.J. Watson - Final Cut

October 2020
Author of the Month - Rhiannon Ward
Fresh Blood - Naomi Booth
Classic Crime - Agatha Christie
     Christopher Fowler - Oranges and Lemons
     Will Carver  - Hinton Hollow Death Trip
     Steve Cavanagh - 50/50
     K Ferrari - Like Flies from Afar
     Simon Lelic - The Search Party
     Simon Conway - The Stranger
     Vaseem Khan - Midnight at Malabar House
     James Patterson and Adam Hamdy - Private Moscow
     John Grisham - Camino Winds
     David Hewson - A Season for the Dead
     P.D. James - A Taste for Death

September 2020
Classic Crime - P.D. James

August 2020
Author of the Month - S. G. MacLean
     S. K. Barnett - Safe
     Yrsa Sigurdardottir - Gallows Rock
     Chris Carter - Written In Blood
     Cathy Ace - The Corpse with the Crystal Skull
     Gillian McAllister - How To Disappear
     Caz Frear - Shed No Tears
     Gytha Lodge - Watching in the Dark
     Will Adams - The Sacred Spoils
     Helen Monks Takhar - Precious You
     Lindsey Davis - The Grove of the Caesars
     Nicholas Shakespeare - The Sandpit
     Kathy Reichs - A Conspiracy of Bones
     T. M. Logan - The Catch
     Ann Cleeves - A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy

July 2020
Author of the Month - T.W. Ellis
Fresh Blood - Sam Lloyd
Classic Crime - Gladys Mitchell
     Charlotte Levin - If I Can't Have You
     Barbara Nadel - Blood Business
     Sharon Bolton - The Split
     Alex Gray - When Shadows Fall
     Martin Walker - A Shooting at Chateau Rock
     Cora Harrison - A Shameful Murder
     Helen Fitzgerald - Worst Case Scenario
     Sarah Flint - Mummy's Favourite
     M.J. Arlidge - All Fall Down
     Elizabeth Mundy - A Messy Affair
     Ann Cleeves - Murder in My Back Yard
     Shari Lapena - An Unwanted Guest
     P.D. James - The Part-Time Job

June 2020
Author of the Month - Iain Maitland
     Craig Robertson - Watch Him Die
     Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen - An Anonymous Girl
     Helen Fitzgerald - Ash Mountain
     John Marrs - What Lies Between Us
     Mark Edwards - The House Guest
     Kevin Sullivan - The Figure in the Photograph
     M.W. Craven - The Curator
     Michael Jecks - Rebellion's Message
     Jane Corry - I Made A Mistake
     Georgette Heyer - Duplicate Death

May 2020
Fresh Blood - Russ Thomas
     Ani Katz - A Good Man
     Joe Thomas - Bent
     Julie Wassmer - Disappearance at Oare
     Alice Feeney - His and Hers
     Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Shadow Play
     Reginald Hill - Dialogues of the Dead
     Georgette Heyer - The Unfinished Clue
     Raymond Chandler - The Big Sleep
     Colin Dexter - The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
     James Herbert - Haunted

April 2020
Author of the Month - Peter Swanson
     TP Fielden - Died and Gone to Devon
     Martin Walker - The Body in the Castle Well
     Graham Moore - The Holdout
     Andrew Taylor - The Last Protector
     Frances Brody - The Body on the Train
     Harlan Coben - The Boy From The Woods
     Elizabeth Kay  - Seven Lies
     Josephine Tey - The Franchise Affair
     Louise Jensen - The Family
     Celia Fremlin - The Jealous One

March 2020
Author of the Month - Sheila Bugler
Fresh Blood - Stephanie Wrobel
Classic Crime - Ruth Rendell
     Marjorie Celona - How a Woman Becomes a Lake
     Ralph Vincent - Are You Watching?
     James Oswald - Bury Them Deep
     S.G. MacLean - The Bear Pit
     Sally Spencer - A Shivering Turn
     C.M. Ewan - A Window Breaks
     Ed. by Martin Edwards - The Measure of Malice
     Vanessa Savage - The Woods
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and Monsieur Charles
     James Patterson - Criss Cross
     Agatha Christie - The Last Séance

February 2020
Fresh Blood - Deborah Masson
     Robert Bryndza - Nine Elms
     SJI Holliday - Violet
     Adam Hamdy - Black 13
     CC MacDonald - Happy Ever After
     Elly Griffiths - The Lantern Men
     Alex Lake - Seven Days
     Hilary Bonner - Deadly Dance
     C.J. Tudor - The Other People
     Daniel Cole - Endgame
     Alec Marsh - Rule Britannia
     H.C. Warner - She

January 2020
Author of the Month - Luca Veste
Fresh Blood -
Classic Crime - Caroline Graham
     Peter May - A Silent Death
     Humphrey Hawksley  - Man On Ice
     Rachel Sargeant  - The Room Mates
     L.K. Chapman - Anything For Him
     Paul Grzegorzek - Closer Than Blood
     Ambrose Parry - The Art of Dying
     Abir Mukherjee - Death in the East
     Mike Ripley - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
     Michael Robotham - Good Girl, Bad Girl
     Leona Deakin - Gone
     Lisa Jewell - The Family Upstairs
     Mike Ripley - Mr Campion's Farewell

December 2019
Author of the Month -
Fresh Blood -
Classic Crime -
     Christopher Fowler - Bryant and May: England's Finest
     Syd Moore - The Twelve Strange Days of Christmas
     Barry Forshaw - Crime Fiction: A Reader's Guide
     Simon Kernick - Die Alone
     Angela Marsons - First Blood
     Ed. by Cecily Gayford - Murder at Christmas
     Simon Scarrow - Traitors of Rome
     Bernard Cornwell - Sword of Kings
     Gladys Mitchell - Death Comes At Christmas
     Mary Kelly - The Christmas Egg
     Celia Fremlin - Ghostly Stories
     Ed. by Cecily Gayford - A Very Murderous Christmas
     Agatha Christie - Murder, She Said: The Quotable Miss Marple
     Ed. by Cecily Gayford - Murder Under the Christmas Tree
     Kate Jackson - The Pocket Detective 2
     Michael J. Malone - In the Absence of Miracles
     Bonnie MacBird - The Devil's Due
     Elly Griffiths - Now You See Them
     Mikita Brottman  - An Unexplained Death
     Daniel Cole - Hangman
     Ruth Ware - The Turn of the Key
     Peter Robinson - Many Rivers To Cross
     Susan Hill - The Benefit of Hindsight
     M.C. Beaton - Beating About the Bush
     Louise Penny - A Better Man
     Jeffrey Archer - Nothing Ventured
     Lee Child - Blue Moon
     Simon Scarrow and T.J. Andrews - Pirata
     Felix Francis - Guilty Not Guilty
     Martina Cole - No Mercy
     John Grisham - The Guardians

September 2019
Author of the Month - Ann Cleeves
Fresh Blood - Noelle Holten
     Ashley Dyer - The Cutting Room
     Vaseem Khan - Bad Day at the Vulture Club
     Julia Chapman - Date With Poison
     Mark Edwards - Here To Stay
     Claire Douglas - Then She Vanishes
     Stephen Booth - Drowned Lives
     Joseph Knox - The Sleepwalker
     Daniel Cole - Ragdoll
     Alex Dahl - The Heart Keeper
     Jonathan Aycliffe - The Vanishment

August 2019
Author of the Month - Laura Lippman
Fresh Blood - Adam Southward
     Danuta Kot - Life Ruins
     Christopher Fowler - The Lonely Hour
     Stephen Wade and Stuart Gibbon - Being a Detective
     Alex Marwood - The Poison Garden
     Lorraine Mace - Retriever of Souls
     Gytha Lodge - She Lies In Wait
     Frances Brody - A Snapshot of Murder
     James Oswald - Nothing To Hide
     Dr Richard Shepherd  - Unnatural Causes
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Tramp

July 2019
Author of the Month - Denise Mina
Fresh Blood - Trevor Mark Thomas
Classic Crime - Agatha Christie
     Melissa Scrivner Love  - American Heroin
     Gillian McAllister - The Evidence Against You
     Anthony J. Quinn - The Listeners
     Lisa Gray - Thin Air
     Alex North - The Whisper Man
     Jay Stringer - Marah Chase and the Conqueror’s Tomb
     M.W. Craven - Black Summer
     Jane Casey - Cruel Acts
     Alice Feeney - I Know Who You Are
     Melanie Golding - Little Darlings

June 2019
Author of the Month - C.L. Taylor
     John Marrs - The Passengers
     Syd Moore - Strange Tombs
     Alafair Burke - The Better Sister
     Anne Randall - Deceived
     Simon Beckett - The Scent of Death
     Tana French - The Wych Elm
     Rafael Bernal - The Mongolian Conspiracy
     Alex Michaelides - The Silent Patient
     Jacqueline Winspear - The American Agent
     Thomas Harris - Cari Mora
     James Ellroy - This Storm

May 2019
Fresh Blood - James Delargy
     Neil Spring - The Burning House
     Ambrose Parry - The Way of All Flesh
     Sarah Hilary - Never Be Broken
     Chris Carter - Hunting Evil
     Yrsa Sigurdardottir  - The Absolution
     Georges Simenon - Maigret's Patience

April 2019
Author of the Month - Erin Kelly
Classic Crime - Philip Kerr
     Amy Lloyd - One More Lie
     Louise Beech - Call Me Star Girl
     Nuala Ellwood - Day of the Accident
     Steph Broadribb - Deep Dirty Truth
     Elizabeth Mundy - A Clean Canvas
     Kate Rhodes - Ruin Beach
     Jason Starr - Too Far
     Ragnar Jónasson  - The Island
     Lindsey Davis - A Capitol Death
     Tim Weaver - You Were Gone
     Christian White - The Nowhere Child
     Annie Ward - Beautiful Bad
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Nahour Case
     M.C. Beaton - Agatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer

March 2019
Author of the Month - Craig Russell
Fresh Blood - Dominic Nolan
     J.D. Barker - The Fifth To Die
     Susan Wilkins - It Should Have Been Me
     Janet Evanovich - Look Alive 25
     C.J. Tudor - The Taking of Annie Thorne
     Robert Thorogood - Murder in the Caribbean
     Søren Sveistrup - The Chestnut Man
     Georges Simenon - Maigret's Anger
     P.D. James - The Victim

February 2019
Author of the Month - M.W. Craven
Fresh Blood - Chris Hammer
Classic Crime - Margaret Millar
     Elly Griffiths - The Stone Circle
     Hanna Jameson - The Last
     Lizzy Barber - My Name Is Anna
     Victoria Selman - Blood For Blood
     James Oswald - Cold As The Grave
     Candice Fox - Gone By Midnight
     Lisa Jewell - Then She Was Gone
     Lucy Clarke - You Let Me In
     Emma Rowley - Where The Missing Go
     Lisa Gardner - Never Tell
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Ghost
     Fiona Barton - The Suspect

January 2019
Author of the Month - Graham Smith
Fresh Blood - Lesley Kara
     Robert Scragg - What Falls Between the Cracks
     Vanessa Savage - The Woman in the Dark
     Lee Child - Past Tense
     Josephine Tey - The Daughter of Time
     Arthur Conan Doyle - Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

December 2018
Author of the Month - Will Carver
Fresh Blood - Rachael Blok
     Celia Fremlin - The Long Shadow
     Ed. by Martin Edwards - Crimson Snow
     W.C. Ryan - A House of Ghosts
     Chris Mooney - The Snow Girls
     Sara Paretsky - Shell Game
     Tom Bale - One Dark Night
     Mark Edwards - In Her Shadow
     Simon Kernick - We Can See You
     John Guzlowski - Suitcase Charlie
     Georges Simenon - Maigret in Court
     C.J. Sansom - Tombland
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Old People
     Louise Penny - Kingdom of the Blind
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Lazy Burglar
     Simon Scarrow - The Blood of Rome
     Bernard Cornwell - War of the Wolf

November 2018
Author of the Month - Lynda La Plante
Fresh Blood - Alison Belsham
Classic Crime - Julian Symons
     Elly Griffiths - The Stranger Diaries
     Michael Wood - The Hangman's Hold
     Michael J. Malone - After He Died
     Peter Robinson - Careless Love
     Zoë Sharp - Dancing on the Grave
     Sarah Ward - The Shrouded Path
     Alan Glynn - Under the Night
     Ann Cleeves - Wild Fire
     Sarah J. Naughton - The Other Couple
     Hannah Dennison  - Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall
     Georges Simenon - Maigret's Secret
     Ann Granger - An Unfinished Murder
     Susan Hill - The Comforts of Home
     James Oswald - No Time To Cry
     John Grisham - The Reckoning
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse

September 2018
Author of the Month - Martin Edwards
Fresh Blood - Jennifer Lane
     Flynn Berry - A Double Life
     Neil Broadfoot - No Man's Land
     M.J. Tjia - A Necessary Murder
     Georges Simenon - Maigret Three Volume Set
     Simon Lelic - The Liar's Room
     Martin Walker - A Taste for Vengeance
     Matt Hilton - Darke
     Riley Sager - Last Time I Lied
     Stephen Booth - Fall Down Dead
     Luke Delaney - A Killing Mind
     Shelley Smith - An Afternoon To Kill
     M.C. Beaton - Agatha Raisin and the Witches' Tree

August 2018
Author of the Month - Martyn Waites
     Aidan Truhen - The Price You Pay
     L.J. Morris - Desperate Ground
     Kate Rhodes - Hell Bay
     Catherine Steadman - Something in the Water
     Jackie Baldwin - Perfect Dead
     Claire Askew - All the Hidden Truths
     Linwood Barclay - A Noise Downstairs
     Sabine Durrant - Take Me In
     John Harvey - Body and Soul
     Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke - Girl's Night Out
     Georges Simenon - Maigret and the Reluctant Witness
     J.P. Delaney - Believe Me
     Megan Abbott - Give Me Your Hand

July 2018
Fresh Blood - Jo Jakeman
Classic Crime - Robert Bloch
     Laura Wilson - The Other Woman
     Leonard Gribble - The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
     James Patterson - The People vs. Alex Cross
     Steve Cavanagh - Th1rt3en
     Chris Simms - Loose Tongues
     Elisabeth Carpenter - 99 Red Balloons
     M.J. Ford - Hold My Hand
     Wendy Walker - Emma in the Night
     Alex Grecian - The Wolf
     Sarah Pinborough - Cross Her Heart
     Patricia Highsmith - Strangers on a Train
     Georges Simenon - Maigret Travels
     Stephen King - The Outsider

June 2018
Author of the Month - Louise Voss
Fresh Blood - G.D. Abson
     Syd Moore - Strange Fascination
     Oscar de Muriel - Loch of the Dead
     Louise Candlish - Our House
     Vaseem Khan - Murder at the Grand Raj Palace
     Belinda Bauer - Snap
     Ali Carter - A Brush with Death
     David Jackson - Don't Make a Sound
     Araminta Hall - Our Kind of Cruelty
     Jeffery Deaver - The Cutting Edge
     Georges Simenon - Maigret's Doubts

May 2018
Author of the Month - Ed James
Fresh Blood - Roz Watkins
Classic Crime - Ursula Curtiss
     Mark Edwards - The Retreat
     Barry Forshaw - Historical Noir
     Vicky Newham - Turn a Blind Eye
     Peter Høeg  - The Susan Effect
     Julia Chapman - Date With Death
     Derek B. Miller - American By Day
     Georges Simenon - Maigret Sets a Trap
     Lucy English - Girl Ghosted
     Georges Simenon - Maigret Enjoys Himself

April 2018
Author of the Month - Ashley Dyer
Fresh Blood - Olivia Kiernan
     Cathi Unsworth - That Old Black Magic
     Sarah Hilary - Come and Find Me
     Luca Veste - The Bone Keeper
     Ragnar Jónasson  - The Darkness
     Karen Hamilton - The Perfect Girlfriend
     Alex Gray - Only the Dead Can Tell
     Martin Daley - The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong: Volume 3
     Joseph Knox - The Smiling Man
     Lindsey Davis - Pandora's Boy
     Georges Simenon - Maigret's Failure
     Gary Dolman - A Satyr's Dance

March 2018
Author of the Month - Craig Robertson
Classic Crime - Georges Simenon
     S.S. Mausoof - The Warehouse
     Stevyn Colgan - A Murder To Die For
     Elly Griffiths - The Dark Angel
     Gillian McAllister - Anything You Do Say
     Felix Francis - Pulse
     Jenny Blackhurst - The Foster Child
     Lesley Grant-Adamson - Patterns in the Dust
     P.D. James - Shroud for a Nightingale
     Agatha Christie - Sad Cypress

February 2018
Author of the Month - Jane Harper
Fresh Blood - A.J. Finn
     Laura Marshall - Friend Request
     James Oswald - The Gathering Dark
     Sherri Smith - Follow Me Down
     Phoebe Morgan - The Doll House
     Lisa Gardner - Look For Me
     Allan Watson - Heart Swarm
     Eva Dolan - This Is How It Ends
     Karen Cleveland - Need To Know

January 2018
Author of the Month - Rene Denfeld
Fresh Blood - C.J. Tudor
     Sarah Vaughan - Anatomy of a Scandal
     Kaira Rouda  - Best Day Ever
     Ann Granger - Rooted in Evil
     Matt Hilton - Worst Fear
     Sara Paretsky - Fallout
     Stuart MacBride - Now We Are Dead

December 2017
Author of the Month - Nicola Upson
Fresh Blood - Laura Purcell
Classic Crime - Anne Meredith
     Frances Brody - Death in the Stars
     Georges Simenon - A Maigret Christmas and other stories
     Christopher Fowler - The Book of Forgotten Authors
     Martin Edwards - The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books
     Ed. by Martin Edwards - Locked Room Mysteries
     Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark - The Christmas Thief and other stories
     Michael J. Malone - The House of Spines
     Helen Cadbury - Race to the Kill
     Ragnar Jónasson  - White Out
     Julia Chapman - Date With Malice
     Elly Griffiths - The Vanishing Box
     Arne Dahl - Watching You
     P.D. James - Sleep No More
     Cyril Hare - An English Murder
     Gladys Mitchell - Murder in the Snow
     M.B. Shaw - Murder at the Mill
     Francis Duncan - Murder for Christmas

November 2017
Author of the Month - Attica Locke
Fresh Blood - Finn Bell
     Syd Moore - Strange Sight
     Ruth Rendell - A Spot of Folly
     Zoe Sharp - Fox Hunter
     Chris Curran - Her Deadly Secret
     Felicia Yap - Yesterday
     Lindsey Davis - The Third Nero
     Simon Kernick - The Hanged Man
     Harlan Coben - Don't Let Go
     Lee Child - The Midnight Line

October 2017
Fresh Blood - Jonothan Cullinane
Classic Crime - Ngaio Marsh
     Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None
     Neil White - From the Shadows
     Lilja Sigurðardóttir  - Snare
     Mike Craven - Body Breaker
     A.A. Dhand - Girl Zero
     Martin Walker - The Templar's Last Secret
     Joseph Finder - The Switch

September 2017
Author of the Month - George Mann
Fresh Blood - Emma Viskic
     Martina Cole - Damaged
     Ed. by Gordon Brown - Bloody Scotland
     David Lagercrantz - The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye
     Sarah Ward - A Patient Fury
     Bonnie MacBird - Unquiet Spirits
     Mary Kubica - Every Last Lie
     M.J. Tjia  - She Be Damned
     Robin Jarossi  - The Hunt for the 60's Ripper
     Chevy Stevens  - Never Let You Go
     Peter Robinson - Sleeping in the Ground
     Sarah J Naughton  - Tattletale
     Lee Child - No Middle Name
     Christopher Bollen  - The Destroyers
     Ann Cleeves - The Seagull
     Louise Penny - The Murder Stone

August 2017
Author of the Month - Lin Anderson
Fresh Blood - Matthew Richardson
     J. D. Barker - The Fourth Monkey
     Stephen Booth - Dead in the Dark
     Lucy Atkins - The Night Visitor
     Michael Robotham - The Secrets She Keeps
     S.G. Maclean - The Black Friar
     Matt Hilton - Marked for Death
     Haylen Beck - Here and Gone
     Barbara Nadel - The House of Four
     Tess Gerritsen - I Know A Secret
     Stuart MacBride - A Dark So Deadly
     Simon Scarrow and Lee Francis - Playing with Death
     Georgette Heyer - They Found Him Dead

July 2017
Author of the Month - Kathy Reichs
Fresh Blood - Wendy Walker
Classic Crime - Janet Neel
     Louise Welsh - No Dominion
     Michael J. Malone - Dog Fight
     H.D. Lyle - The Irregular
     Cora Harrison - The Cardinal's Court
     John Marrs - The One
     David Barbaree - Deposed
     Oscar De Muriel - A Mask of Shadows
     John Lenahan - Ice Lake
     Jo Nesbo - The Thirst
     Joe Thomas - Paradise City
     Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich  - The Fact of a Body
     Celia Fremlin - The Hours Before Dawn
     Fred Vargas - A Climate of Fear
     Georgette Heyer - Behold, Here's Poison

June 2017
Author of the Month - Michael Ridpath
Fresh Blood - James Hazel
     Barry Forshaw - American Noir
     Howard Linskey - The Search
     M C Beaton - Pushing Up Daisies
     Janet Neel - Death on Site
     Malin Persson Giolito - Quicksand
     William Shaw - Sympathy for the Devil
     Graham Smith - Watching the Bodies
     Mark Edwards - The Lucky Ones
     Alex Gray - Still Dark
     Anne Randall - Torn
     Steve Cavanagh - The Liar
     Paul Hardisty - Reconciliation For the Dead
     Vaseem Khan - The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star
     James Carol - The Quiet Man

May 2017
Author of the Month - Syd Moore
Fresh Blood - Melissa Scrivner Love
Classic Crime - Colin Dexter
     Sandrone Dazieri  - Kill the Father
     Philip Kerr - Prussian Blue
     Emma Kavanagh - The Killer on the Wall
     Dennis Lehane - Since We Fell
     Barbara Nadel - Bright Shiny Things
     Simon Beckett - The Restless Dead
     Patricia Gibney - The Missing Ones
     Benet Brandreth - The Spy of Venice
     Susan Wilkins - The Killer
     Donna Leon - The Waters of Eternal Youth

April 2017
Author of the Month - Isabelle Grey
Fresh Blood - Ali Land
     Dorothy L. Sayers - Lord Peter Views the Body
     Georgette Heyer - Death in the Stocks
     Margery Allingham - The Crime at Black Dudley
     Sarah Hilary - Quieter Than Killing
     Jane Casey - Let the Dead Speak
     Mick Finlay - Arrowood
     T P Fielden - The Riviera Express
     James Oswald - Written in Bones
     JJ Marsh - Human Rites
     J S Monroe - Find Me
     Lisa Gardner - Right Behind You
     Margery Allingham - Police at the Funeral

March 2017
Author of the Month - Mick Herron
Fresh Blood - Nuala Ellwood
Classic Crime - George Bellairs
     Jake Arnott - The Fatal Tree
     Elly Griffiths - The Chalk Pit
     Brad Parks - Say Nothing
     Ragnar Jónasson  - Rupture
     Sam Blake - Little Bones
     Alan Judd - Deep Blue
     John Dufresne  - I Don't Like Where This Is Going
     A.D. Garrett - Truth Will Out
     Chris Carter - The Caller
     Matthew Hall - A Life to Kill

February 2017
Author of the Month - Sarah Pinborough
Fresh Blood - K J Howe
     Koethi Zan - The Follower
     Fiona Cummins - Rattle
     Chris Simms - Death Games
     Jane Harper - The Dry
     Les Wood - Dark Side of the Moon
     Ann Granger - The Dead Woman of Deptford
     Louise Phillips - Red Ribbons
     Eva Dolan - Watch Her Disappear
     Simon Kernick - The Bone Field
     Tana French - The Trespasser
     Tony Black - Summoning the Dead
     Amy Stewart - Girl Waits With Gun

January 2017
Author of the Month - Ian Sansom
Fresh Blood - Joseph Knox
     Martin Edwards (Ed.) - Serpents in Eden
     Frederic Dard - Bird in a Cage
     Colin Dexter - The Way Through the Woods
     Priscilla Masters - A Wreath for My Sister
     Jonathan Aycliffe - The Lost
     Jack Jordan - My Girl
     Liz Nugent - Lying in Wait
     Kate Saunders - The Secrets of Wishtide
     Del Quentin Wilber  - A Good Month for Murder
     Robyn Young - Sons of the Blood

December 2016
Author of the Month - Doug Johnstone
Fresh Blood - Jackie Baldwin
     Craig Russell  - The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid
     Elly Griffiths - The Blood Card
     Adam Hamdy - Pendulum
     Craig Robertson - Murderabilia
     Cathy Ace - The Corpse With The Ruby Lips
     Ben Cheetham - The Lost Ones
     Luca Veste - Then She Was Gone
     Antonia Hodgson - A Death at Fountains Abbey
     Christopher Fowler - London's Glory
     M J Arlidge - Hide and Seek
     Ian Rankin - Rather Be The Devil
     John Grisham - The Whistler
     Belinda Bauer - The Beautiful Dead
     Jonathan Aycliffe - Shadow on the Wall

November 2016
Fresh Blood - Anna Mazzola
Classic Crime - Gil North
     Janet Neel - Death's Bright Angel
     Martina Cole - Betrayal
     Sarah Ward - A Deadly Thaw
     Matt Hilton - Painted Skins
     Camilla Way - Watching Edie
     Mark Edwards - The Devil's Work
     Ann Cleeves - Cold Earth
     Laura Lippman - Wilde Lake
     Joseph Finder - Guilty Minds
     Andy Martin with Lee Child - Reacher Said Nothing
     Simon Booker - Without Trace
     James Henry - Blackwater

October 2016
Author of the Month - Michael J. Malone
     James Naughtie - Paris Spring
     Alex Clare  - He's Gone
     Lucy Ribchester - The Amber Shadows
     Claire Douglas  - Local Girl Missing
     Matthew Frank - Between the Crosses
     Stuart Neville - So Say The Fallen

August 2016
Author of the Month - Sabine Durrant
Fresh Blood - A.A. Dhand
     Elizabeth Wilson - She Died Young
     Ian Ayris - April Skies
     Ragnar Jónasson  - Blackout
     Jean Harrod - Deadly Deceit
     Stephen Booth - Secrets of Death
     Chris Curran - Her Turn To Cry
     Peter Robinson - When the Music's Over
     Matt Hilton - No Safe Place
     Mason Cross - The Time to Kill
     James Carol - Broken Dolls

July 2016
Author of the Month - Sharon Bolton
Fresh Blood - Ralph Spurrier
Classic Crime - Miles Burton
     Ahmet Altan  - Endgame
     Hollie Overton - Baby Doll
     Gunnar Staalesen  - Where Roses Never Die
     C.J. Box - Off the Grid
     Steve Burrows - A Pitying of Doves
     Shannon Kirk - The Method
     Paula Daly - The Mistake I Made
     Ruth Ware - The Woman in Cabin 10
     Stephen King - End of Watch
     Charles Cumming - A Divided Spy

June 2016
Author of the Month - Eve Seymour
Fresh Blood - Robin Wasserman
     Howard Linskey - Behind Dead Eyes
     William Shaw - The Birdwatcher
     Guy Cullingford - My Unfair Lady
     Robert Brynzda - The Girl in the Ice
     Steve Cavanagh - The Plea
     Camilla Lackberg - The Ice Child
     Robert Crais - The Promise
     Lisa Lutz - The Passenger
     Lindsey Davis - The Graveyard of the Hesperides
     Melanie Raabe - The Trap
     S.D. Sykes - The Butcher Bird
     Lauren A. Forry  - Abigale Hall

May 2016
Author of the Month - Jack Grimwood
Fresh Blood - Rebecca Griffiths
     Amanda Jennings - In Her Wake
     Annemarie Neary - Siren
     Quentin Bates - Thin Ice
     Douglas Skelton - Open Wounds
     Emma Kavanagh - The Missing Hours
     John Connolly - A Torment of Time
     Leigh Russell - Journey to Death
     I J Parker - The Island of the Gods
     Vaseem Khan - The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown
     John Hart - Redemption Road

April 2016
Author of the Month - Sarah Hilary
Fresh Blood - Olly Jarvis
Classic Crime - John le Carré
     Andrew Taylor - The Ashes of London
     Barry Forshaw - Brit Noir
     Wilbur Smith and Tom Cain - Predator
     Claire McGowan - A Savage Hunger
     Harlan Coben - Fool Me Once
     Steve Burrows - A Siege of Bitterns
     Tom Harper - Black River
     Alex Gray - The Darkest Goodbye
     M.J. Arlidge - Little Boy Blue
     Samuel Bjork - I'm Travelling Alone
     Clare Donoghue - Trust No One
     Barbara Nadel - On The Bone
     Jeffery Deaver - The Steel Kiss

March 2016
Author of the Month - Helen Fitzgerald
     James Oswald - The Damage Done
     David Videcette  - The Theseus Paradox
     Freeman Wills Crofts - Antidote to Venom
     Michael J. Malone - Bad Samaritan
     Elly Griffiths - The Woman in Blue
     Steven Dunne - A Killing Moon
     Tom Wood - The Darkest Day
     Hakan Nesser - The Summer of Kim Novak
     Alex Barclay - Killing Ways
     Eva Dolan - After You Die
     Carla Norton - Hunted
     Michael Robotham - Close Your Eyes
     John Grisham - Rogue Lawyer
Graphic Novels
     Marv Wolfman - Deathstroke the Terminator: Vol.1 - Assassins
     Jon Morris - The League of Regrettable Heroes
     John Ostrander - Suicide Squad: Vol.2 - The Nightshade Odyssey
     Marguerite Bennett and Andy Smith - Earth 2: Collision - Volume 6
     Eddy Barrows and Marguerite Bennet - Earth 2: World's End - Volume 1
     Marguerite Bennett and Eddy Barrows - Earth 2: World's End - Volume 2
     Paul Levitz - The Bronze Age of DC Comics
     Paul Pelletier and Sean Parsons - Aquaman: Maelstron - Vol.6
     Sven Hassel and Jordy Diago - Wheels of Terror
     George Perez - Wonder Woman Omnibus

February 2016
Author of the Month - Lisa Gardner
Fresh Blood - David Young
     Simon Kernick - The Witness
     B.A. Paris - Behind Closed Doors
     Sam Baker - The Woman Who Ran
     Phil Redmond  - Highbridge
     Tony Black - Taste of Ashes
     Matthew Pritchard - Broken Arrow
     Ann Granger - Dead in the Water
     Douglas Watt - Pilgrim of Slaughter
     Andrew Martin - The Yellow Diamond
     Roberto Saviano - ZeroZeroZero
     June Wright - Duck Season Death
     Jason Starr - Nothing Personal
     Karin Fossum - Broken

January 2016
Author of the Month - Alex Marwood
Fresh Blood - David McCallum
     Eva Dolan - After You Die
     Stuart MacBride - In the Cold Dark Ground
     Fiona Barton - The Widow
     Ragnar Jónasson - Nightblind
     Jason Dean - The Outsider
     Debbie Howells - The Bones of You
     Graham Hurley - The Order of Things
     Phil Rickman - Friends of the Dusk
     Barry Forshaw - Detective
     Jackson Sharp - Twelve Deaths of Christmas
Graphic Novels
     Various Artists - Convergence
     Pop Mahn and Den Abnett - He-Man: The Eternity War - Vol.1
     Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott - Earth 2: The Kyptonian Vol.5

December 2015
Author of the Month - Elly Griffiths
Fresh Blood - Michael Wood
Classic Crime - Cyril Hare
     Michael Connelly - The Crossing
     Ian Rankin - Even Dogs in the Wild
     Georgette Heyer - A Christmas Party
     C.H.B. Kitchin - Crime at Christmas
     Martin Edwards - The Golden Age of Murder
     Jennifer Morag Henderson - Josephine Tey: A Life
     Kathryn Harkup - A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie
     Noel ‘Razor’ Smith  - The Criminals Alphabet
     Patricia Highsmith - The Talented Mr Ripley - 60th Anniversary
     Matt Hilton - Blood Tracks
     Aline Templeton - The Third Sin
     John Nicholl - White is the Coldest Colour
     Alan Moss and Keith Skinner  - Scotland Yard's History of Crime in 100 Objects
     Graeme Macrae Burnet - His Bloody Project
     Ben Cheetham - Spider's Web
     Robert Galbraith - Career of Evil
     Peter Lovesey - Down Among the Dead Men
     David Lagercrantz - The Girl in the Spider's Web
Graphic Novels
     Len Wein - Tales of the Batman
     Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips - Fatale: Curse the Demon Vol.5

November 2015
Author of the Month - Craig Robertson
Fresh Blood - Mark Douglas-Home
Classic Crime - Domini Taylor
     Russ Litten - Kingdom
     John Martin - Crime Scene: Britain and Ireland
     Iain King - Secrets of the Last Nazi
     Karen Rose - Alone in the Dark
     Linwood Barclay - Broken Promise
     Andrea Carter - Death at Whitewater Church
     Patrick Redmond - The Replacement
     Barry Forshaw and David Stuart Davies - The Sherlock Holmes Book
     Anne Randall - Silenced
     Jill McGown - The Murder at the Old Vicarage
     Neil White - The Domino Killer
     Bonnie MacBird - Art in the Blood
     M.C. Beaton - Agatha Raisin: Dishing the Dirt
     Theresa Talbot - Penance
     Agatha Christie - The Lost Plays
     Mark Roberts - Blood Mist
     Craig Russell - The Ghosts of Altona
     Stephen Childs  - On Track for Murder
     Tom Adams and John Curran - Tom Adams Uncovered
     Michael Wood - For Reasons Unknown
     Tania Carver - Heartbreaker
     Agatha Christie - Little Grey Cells
Graphic Novels
     Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips - Fatale: West of Hell
     Nicola Scott and Tom Taylor - Earth 2: The Dark Age Vol.4
     Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips - Fatale: Pray for Rain Vol.4
     James Robinson and Nicola Scott - Earth 2: Battle Cry (Vol.3)
     John Ostrander  - Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire Vol.1

October 2015
Author of the Month - Jason Starr
     Ruth Rendell - Dark Corners
     Martina Cole - Get Even
     Barbara Nadel - Enough Rope
     Joseph Finder - The Fixer
     Don Winslow - The Cartel
     Murder Squad - ed. by Ann Cleeves - The Starlings and other stories
     Robert Karjel - My Name is N
     Karin Fossum - The Drowned Boy
     Nik Frobenius - Dark Branches
     Martin Walker - The Dying Season
     Denise Mina - Blood Salt Water
     Steve Mosby - I Know Who Did It

September 2015
Author of the Month - Ann Cleeves
Fresh Blood - Rod Reynolds
     Lee Child - Make Me
     Sinéad Crowley  - Are You Watching Me?
     Priscilla Masters - Recalled to Death
     Dreda Say Mitchell - Snatched
     Peter Robinson - No Cure For Love
     M.J. Arlidge - Liar Liar
     Helen Cadbury - Bones in the Nest
     Douglas Skelton - Devil's Knock
     Samantha Priestley - Reliability of Rope
     Hakan Nesser - The Living and The Dead in Winford
     Vaseem Khan - The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra
     Sasha Arango - The Truth and Other Lies
     Jason Starr - Fake ID
     Priscilla Royal - Satan's Lullaby
     Julia Heaberlin - Black-Eyed Susans
     Margaret Moore - Broken Chord
     Sabine Durrant - Remember Me This Way

August 2015
Author of the Month - Stephen Booth
Fresh Blood - J.S. Law
Classic Crime - Helen MacInnes
     Ed. by Martin Edwards - Resorting to Murder
     Mark Campbell - The Pocket Essential Agatha Christie
     Tim Weaver - What Remains
     Jason Starr - Hard Feelings
     Karen Perry - Only We Know
     Howard Linskey - No Name Lane
     Jason Starr - Cold Caller
     Sara Paretsky - Brush Back
     Graeme Cameron - Normal
     William Shaw - The Book of Scars
     Arnaldur Indridason - Oblivion
     S.G. MacLean - The Seeker
     Robert Thorogood - A Meditation on Murder
     Chris Carter - I Am Death
     Clare Carson - Orkney Twilight
     Rosamund Lupton - The Quality of Silence
     Charlaine Harris - Day Shift
Graphic Novels
     James Robinson and Nicola Scott - Earth 2 - Vol 2: The Tower of Fate
     Paul Levitz - World's Finest: Hunt and Be Hunted
     Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips - Fatale: The Devil's Business

July 2015
Author of the Month - Cathi Unsworth
Fresh Blood - Sarah Ward
Classic Crime - Arthur La Bern
     Stuart Neville - Those We Left Behind
     M.J. Carter - The Infidel Stain
     Margery Allingham - The Crime at Black Dudley
     David Mark - Taking Pity
     Ben Cheetham - Justice for the Damned
     Matt Hilton - The Devil's Anvil
     Sharon Bolton  - Little Black Lies
     Duane Swierczynski - Canary
     Caro Ramsay - The Tears of Angels
     Tod Goldberg - Gangsterland
     Gunnar Staalesen  - We Shall Inherit the Wind
     Neil White - The Death Collector
     Mari Jungstedt - The Dangerous Game
     Louise Welsh - Death is a Welcome Guest
     Mason Cross - The Samaritan
Graphic Novels
     James Robinson - Earth 2
     Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips - Fatale: Death Chases Me (Book One)
     Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting - Velvet: Before the Living End
     Paul Levitz - World's Finest: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2
     Various - Batman: A Celebration of 75 Years
     Paul Levitz - DC Showcase Presents: All-Star Comics
     Matt Brubaker, Michael Lark and Sean Phillips - Scene of the Crime
     Various - The Joker: A Celebration of 75 Years

June 2015
Author of the Month - Laura Wilson
Fresh Blood - Col Bury
     Alan Judd - Inside Enemy
     Peter James - You Are Dead
     Elizabeth Edmundson - A Man of Some Repute
     Susan Wilkins - The Mourner
     Priscilla Masters  - The Devil's Chair
     Ragnar Jónasson  - Snow Blind
     Mike Craven - Born in a Burial Gown
     Sarah Hilary - No Other Darkness
     Denzil Meyrick - Whisky From Small Glasses
     T.R. Richmond - What She Left
     Greg Iles - The Bone Tree
     Stephen King - Finders Keepers
     Andreas Norman - Into a Raging Blaze
     Richard Godwin - Meaningful Conversations
     Tess Gerritsen - Die Again
     Richard Magraff Turley - The Cunning House

May 2015
Author of the Month - Minette Walters
Fresh Blood - Renee Knight
Classic Crime - Ted Lewis
     Steve Cavanagh - The Defence
     Mike Ripley - Mr Campion's Fox
     Emma Kavanagh - Hidden
     Jill Leovy - Ghettoside: Investigating a Homicide Epidemic
     Ted Lewis - GBH
     Saul Black - The Killing Lessons
     Michael O'Byrne - Crime Writers Guide to Police Practice/Procedure
     Elizabeth Haynes - Behind Closed Doors
     Rory Clements - Holy Spy
     Mark Sennen - Tell Tale

April 2015
Author of the Month - Jake Woodhouse
Fresh Blood - Graham Smith
Classic Crime - Joseph Hansen
     Ruth Downie - Tabula Rasa
     Nadia Dalbuono  - The Few
     Andrew Williams - The Suicide Club
     Lee Weeks - Frozen Grave
     Lindsay Davis - Deadly Election
     Luke Delaney - The Jackdaw
     Alex Gray - Keep the Midnight Out
     Lisa Gardner - Crash and Burn
     John Connolly - A Song of Shadows
     Oscar de Muriel - The Strings Murders
     Elly Griffiths - The Ghost Fields
     Darren E. Laws - Dark Country
     Paul E. Hardisty - The Abrupt Physics of Dying
     Clare Donoghue - No Place To Die
     Donna Leon - Falling in Love
     Karin Fossum - The Murder of Harriet Krohn
     Celia Dale - A Helping Hand

March 2015
Author of the Month - Peter Swanson
Fresh Blood - Helen Cadbury
Classic Crime - Kyril Bonfiglioli
     Andrew Taylor - The Silent Boy
     Dai Henley - Blazing Obsession
     Belinda Bauer - The Shut Eye
     D.A. Mishani - A Possibility of Violence
     Will Jordan - Betrayal
     James Oswald - Prayer for the Dead
     Sara Bain - The Sleeping Warrior
     Simon Kernick - The Final Minute
     Peter May - Runaway
     James Carol - Prey
     Graham Hurley - Sins of the Father
     M.J. Arlidge - The Doll's House
     Keith Nixon - Russian Roulette
     Martin Walker - Children of War
     Tony Lee Moral  - Playing Mrs Kingston

February 2015
Author of the Month - S.K. Tremayne
Fresh Blood - Rebecca Whitney
     Priscilla Masters - Guilty Waters
     Denzil Meyrick - The Last Witness
     Josephine Tey - The Singing Sands
     Gladys Mitchell - Groaning Spinney
     Patricia Highsmith - Little Tales of Misogyny
     Michael J. Malone - Beyond the Rage
     Chris Simms - Sleeping Dogs
     Eva Dolan - Tell No Tales
     Chris Mooney - Fear the Dark
     Paul D. Brazill - Guns of Brixton
     Ovidia Yu - Aunty Lee's Deadly Specials
     Alastair Gunn - My Bloody Valentine
     Steffen Jacobsen - Trophy
     A.J. McCreanor - Riven
     Luana Lewis - Don't Stand So Close

January 2015
Author of the Month - Christobel Kent
Fresh Blood - Paula Hawkins
Classic Crime - Jill McGown
     Stuart MacBride - The Missing and the Dead
     Casey Kelleher - Bad Blood
     Sam Millar - Black Creek
     Mari Hannah - Deadly Deceit
     Sheila Bugler - The Waiting Game
     Mark Pearson - The Killing Season
     C.J. Box - Shots Fired
     Gordon Ferris - Money Tree
     Ben Solomon - The Hard-Boiled Detective
     Kathy Reichs - Bones Never Lie
     Patricia Highsmith - A Suspension of Mercy
     Jane Huxley - A Woman Named Coral
     Joakim Zander - The Swimmer
     Susan Hill - Printer’s Devil Court

December 2014
Author of the Month - Dreda Say Mitchell
Fresh Blood - BK Duncan
Classic Crime - J. Jefferson Farjeon
     Jim Gallows - The Christmas Killer
     Ed. by Otto Penzler - The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries
     Jill McGown - Redemption
     Tammy Cohen - Dying for Christmas
     David Mitchell - The Bone Clocks
     Jonathan Aycliffe - Naomi's Room
     Jill McGown - Scene of Crime
     Matthew Pritchard - Werewolf
     Barbara Nadel - Poisoned Ground
     Sarah Pinborough - Murder
     L.C. Tyler - Crooked Herring
     Chevy Stevens - That Night
     Douglas Lindsay - The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson
     Caroline Kepnes - You
     Stella Rimington - Close Call
     John Grisham - Gray Mountain
     Ann Cleeves - Thin Air
     Ben Aaronovitch - Foxglove Summer

November 2014
Classic Crime - John G. Brandon
     Priscilla Masters - Winding Up The Serpent
     Sheila Radley - Who Saw Him Die?
     M.C. Beaton - Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman
     Susan Wilkins - The Informant
     Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes Omnibus
     Jane Casey - The Kill
     C.J. Sansom - Lamentation
     Elly Griffiths - The Zig-Zag Girl
     Douglas Skelton - Crow Bait
     Andrew Marr - Head of State
     C.C. Humphreys - Plague
     Val McDermid - Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime
     Jean Harrod - Deadly Diplomacy
     Walter Mosley - Rose Gold
     Lars Kepler - The Sandman
     Richard Godwin - Noir City
     Richard Montanari - The Doll Maker
     Patricia Highsmith - The Talented Mr. Ripley
     Michael Robotham - Watching You
     Anthony Horowitz - Moriarty

October 2014
Author of the Month - Caro Ramsay
Fresh Blood - Anthony Quinn
Classic Crime - John Bude
     Martina Cole - The Good Life
     Lindsay Davis - Enemies at Home
     Tina Seskis - One Step Too Far
     Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norman - Winter Siege
     Danielle Ramsay - Blind Alley
     Emlyn Rees - Wanted
     Linda Palund - The Little Black Dress
     Ace Atkins/Robert B. Parker - Wonderland
     Cathy Ace - The Corpse with the Platinum Hair
     Arnaldur Indridason  - Reykjavik Nights
     Tony Black - Artefacts of the Dead
     Alafair Burke - All Day and a Night
     Bill Kitson - Buried in the Past
     Imogen Robertson - Theft of Life
     R.J. Ellory - Carnival of Shadows
     Shuichi Yoshida - Parade
     Henning Mankell - An Event in Autumn
     Susan Hill - The Soul of Discretion
     Chelsea Cain - One Kick
     Linwood Barclay - No Safe House

September 2014
Author of the Month - James Carol
Fresh Blood - K.T. Medina
     M.J. Arlidge - Pop Goes The Weasel
     Sophie Hannah - The Monogram Murders
     Shane Kuhn - Kill Your Boss
     S.J. Parris - Treachery
     Stephen Booth - The Corpse Bridge
     P.D. Viner - Summer of Ghosts
     Simon Sylvester - The Visitors
     Alex Gray - The Bird That Did Not Sing
     R.C. Bridgestock - Reprobates
     Deon Meyer - Cobra
     William Shaw - A House of Knives
     Peter Robinson - Abattoir Blues
     Kevin Sampson - The House on the Hill
     Lloyd Shepherd - Savage Magic
     Robert Galbraith - The Silkworm
     Mary Kubica - The Good Girl
     Joel Dicker - The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
     Laura McHugh - The Weight of Blood
     Julia Crouch - The Long Fall

August 2014
Author of the Month - Joseph Finder
Fresh Blood - Elizbeth Little
     Ruth Rendell - The Girl Next Door
     Barry Forshaw - Euro Noir
     A.D. Garrett - Believe No One
     Lee Child - Personal
     Donna Leon - By Its Cover
     Andrea Maria Schenkel - The Dark Meadow
     Tim Weaver - Fall From Grace
     David Baldacci - Face Off
     Graeme Macrae Burnet - The Disappearance of Adele Bedeau
     Paul Carson - Inquest
     Robert Lance - The Shadow Spy
     Michael A. Kahn - Face Value
     Christopher Galt - Biblical
     Sheila Quigley - Lady In Red
     Judith Flanders - Writer's Block
     David Mark - Sorrow Bound
     John Harvey - Darkness, Darkness
     Alex Marwood - The Killer Next Door
     Jo Nesbo - The Son
     Charlaine Harris - Midnight Crossroad
     Janet Evanovich - Top Secret Twenty-One
     Celia Fremlin - Uncle Paul

July 2014
Author of the Month - Steve Mosby
Fresh Blood - M.P. Wright
Classic Crime - Janet Neel
     A.D. Garrett - Everyone Lies
     William Lobban - The Glasgow Curse
     Barry Lyga - Game
     Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot Novels
     James Oswald - Dead Men's Bones
     Elizabeth Flynn - Game, Set and Murder
     Christopher Simmons - Seven
     Danuta Reah - The Last Room
     Ben Cheetham - Angel of Death
     Camilla Lackberg - Buried Angels
     Matthew Quirk - The Directive
     Barbara Nadel - Body Count
     Mo Hayder - Wolf
     Emily Winslow - The Start of Everything
     Sophie Loubiere - The Stone Boy
     Rachel Howzell Hall - Land of Shadows
     Patricia Highsmith - The Two Faces of January
     Mark Billingham - The Bones Beneath
     Jeffery Deaver - The Skin Collector

June 2014
Author of the Month - Peter James
Fresh Blood - Ray Celestin
     Ruth Rendell - From Doon With Death
     Jake Woodhouse - After The Silence
     Patrick Lee - Runner
     Matthew Frank - If I Should Die
     Craig Robertson - The Last Refuge
     Jorn Lier Horst - The Hunting Dogs
     Neil Broadfoot - Falling Fast
     Ursula P. Archer - Five
     Priscilla Masters - The Final Curtain
     Oliver Harris - Deep Shelter
     Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay - First Rule of Ten
     Tom Grieves - A Cry In The Night
     Michelle Spring and Laurie R. King  - Crime and Thriller Writing
     Bruce Holsinger - A Burnable Book
     Cathy Ace - The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb
     C.L. Taylor - The Accident
     Steve Berry - The King's Deception
     Jeanine Pirro - Clever Fox
     Robert Crais - Suspect

May 2014
Author of the Month - Tony Parsons
Fresh Blood - Emma Kavanagh
Classic Crime - Margery Allingham
     Michael Fowler - Black and Blue
     Matt Hilton - Preternatural
     Keith Nixon - Dream Land
     Mike Ripley and Margery Allingham - Mr Campion's Farewell
     M.J. Arlidge - Eeny Meany
     Karen Perry - The Boy That Never Was
     Charles Cumming - A Colder War
     Doug Johnstone - The Dead Beat
     Mason Cross - The Killing Season
     Greg Iles - Natchez Burning
     Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg - The Chase
     Martin Walker - The Resistance Man
     Claire Kendal - The Book of You
     Nicholas Blake - Thou Shell of Death
     Mari Hannah - Monument to Murder
     Mark Sennen - Cut Dead
     Celia Fremlin - The Echoing Stones

April 2014
Author of the Month - Christopher Fowler
Fresh Blood - Paul Mendelson
Classic Crime - John Greenwood
     Matthew Reilly - The Tournament
     Michael J. Malone with Bashir Saoudi - The Guillotine Choice
     Tom Harper - The Orpheus Descent
     Celia Fremlin - By Horror Haunted
     John Connolly - The Wolf in Winter
     Belinda Bauer - The Facts of Life and Death
     T J O'Connor - Dying To Know
     Harlan Coben - Missing You
     William McIlvanney - Strange Loyalties
     James Oswald - The Hangman's Song
     Elly Griffiths - The Outcast Dead
     Zoe Sharp - Absence of Light
     Josephine Bell - The Summer School Mystery
     R.N. Morris - The Dark Palace
     Linda Castillo - Her Last Breath
     Celia Fremlin - Prisoner's Base

March 2014
Author of the Month - Robert Wilson
Fresh Blood - Clare Donoghue
     John Dufresne - No Regrets, Coyote
     Mel Sheratt - Watching Over You
     Stuart MacBride - Completely Wholesome Adventures of Skeleton Bob
     Elisabeth Elo - North of Boston
     Matt Hilton - The Lawless Kind
     Luke Delaney - The Toy Taker
     James Green - A Union Not Blessed
     Margie Orford - Water Music
     Lisa Unger - In The Blood
     Jochem Vandersteen - The Shamus Sampler
     Neil Gaiman - The Ocean at the End of the Lane
     Karen Heard - It's Dark Inside
     Ann Cleeves - Harbour Street
     Jeff Abbott - Downfall
     Kevin Ramsey - The Andersen Plan
     Simon Lelic - The Child Who

February 2014
Author of the Month - Simon Beckett
Fresh Blood - Sarah Hilary
Classic Crime - Dorothy Simpson
     Peter Swanson - The Girl With A Clock For A Heart
     Simon Kernick - Stay Alive
     M.R. Hall - The Burning
     Nick Stone - The Verdict
     Hans Koppel - You're Mine Now
     Peter May - Entry Island
     Celia Fremlin - Don't Go To Sleep In The Dark
     Hans Koppel - She's Never Coming Back
     M.C. Beaton - Something Borrowed, Someone Dead
     James Patterson - Gone

January 2014
Author of the Month - R C Bridgestock
Fresh Blood - Eva Dolan
     Luca Veste - Dead Gone
     Celia Fremlin - The Trouble-Makers
     Stuart MacBride - A Song For The Dying
     Hannah Kent - Burial Rites
     Chris Simms - A Price To Pay
     John Verdon - Let The Devil Sleep
     Jo Nesbo - Cockroaches
     David Thorne - East of Innocence
     Aline Templeton - Bad Blood
     Marcus Sakey - Good People
     Thomas Perry - The Boyfriend
     Jonathan Aycliffe - The Silence of Ghosts
     Michael Fowler - Secrets of the Dead
     Sebastian Fitzek - Therapy
     Marc Pastor - Barcelona Shadows
     Elizabeth Romero - Means To An End
     Wilbur Smith - Vicious Circle

December 2013
Author of the Month - M G Gardiner
Fresh Blood - Alastair Gunn
Classic Crime - Dennis Wheatley
     Matthew Pritchard - Scarecrow
     Martyn Waites - The Woman in Black: Angel of Death
     James Lee Burke - Light of the World
     James Patterson - Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
     George Pelecanos - The Cut
     Ace Atkins - The Lost Ones
     Janet Evanovich - Takedown Twenty
     Carla Norton - The Edge of Normal
     Michael Connelly - Gods of Guilt
     Hakan Nesser - The Strangler's Honeymoon
     Eric James Fullilove - Narcolepsy
     Leigh Russell - Cold Sacrifice
     Martin Cruz Smith - Tatiana
     Anders de la Motte - Game: The Game Trilogy - Book 1
     Anders de la Motte - Buzz
     Anders de la Motte - Bubble

November 2013
Author of the Month - Brian McGilloway
Fresh Blood - Douglas Skelton
Classic Crime - Sheila Radley
     Graham Hurley - Touching Distance
     William McIlvanney - The Papers of Tony Veitch
     Ian Rankin - Saints Of The Shadow Bible
     Colette McBeth - Precious Thing
     Nicci French, Tim Weaver and Alastair Gunn - #Youdunnit
     Arnaldur Indridason - Strange Shores
     Julia Heaberlin - Lie Still
     Val McDermid - Cross and Burn
     John Matthews - Letters From A Murderer
     Adam Chase - Wicked Game
     Anne Holt - Death of a Demon
     Ruth Rendell - No Man's Nightingale
     Will Jordan - Sacrifice
     Jorn Hier Horst - Closed For Winter
     David Ellis - The Last Alibi

October 2013
Author of the Month - Neil White
Fresh Blood - Sheila Bugler
     Kathy Reichs - Bones In Her Pocket
     Zoe Sharp - The Blood Whisperer
     Linwood Barclay - A Tap On The Window
     Diane Bretherick - City of Demons
     Ian Graham - Veil of Civility
     Jo Nesbo - Police
     Sara Blaedel - Blue Blood
     Roger A Price - By Their Rules
     Jan Costin Wagner - Light in a Dark House
     William McIlvanney - Laidlaw
     Sheila Radley - Blood on the Happy Highway
     Ella Durham - Ebony Blood
     R.T. Raichev - The Riddle of Sphinx Island
     Chris Kuzneski - The Einstein Pursuit

September 2013
Author of the Month - Martin Edwards
Fresh Blood - Stephen Lloyd Jones
     Anya Lipska - Where The Devil Can't Go
     Tim Weaver - Never Coming Back
     Kevin Sampson - The Killing Pool
     Dick Wolf - The Intercept
     Peter Robinson - Children of the Revolution
     Chris Carter - One By One
     Simon Toyne - The Tower
     Jane Casey - The Stranger You Know
     S.T. Haymon - Death and the Pregnant Virgin
     William Shaw - A Song From Dead Lips
     Catriona McPherson - Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone
     Kathy Reichs - Bones of the Lost
     Dan Brown - Inferno

August 2013
Author of the Month - Chris Ewan
Fresh Blood - Tom Vowler
Classic Crime - J.S. Fletcher
     Thomas H. Cook - Sandrine
     Luke Delaney - The Keeper
     Lee Child - Never Go Back
     Michael J Malone - A Taste For Malice
     James Oswald - The Book of Souls
     Nick Rennison - Carver's Quest
     Gary Dolman - Red Dragon, White Dragon
     Damien Seaman - The Killing of Emma Gross
     Gregg Hurwitz - Tell No Lies
     Tony Black - Hard Truths
     Jeffery Deaver - The Kill Room

July 2013
Author of the Month - Richard Godwin
Fresh Blood - Pete Sortwell
     David Thomas - Ostland
     Jason Matthews - Red Sparrow
     Paula Daly - Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?
     Matt Hilton - One Twisted Voice
     Denise Mina - The Red Road
     Arne Dahl - Bad Blood
     Tom Wood - The Game
     Koethi Zan - The Never List
     Peter James - Dead Man's Time
     Barbara Vine - The Child's Child
     Michael Sears - Black Fridays

June 2013
Author of the Month - Walter Mosley
Fresh Blood - James Oswald
     Agatha Christie - Miss Marple Short Stories
     Matt Bendoris - Killing With Confidence
     Stav Sherez - Eleven Days
     Sam Hayes - Until You're Mine
     Alex Gray - The Swedish Girl
     Robert Wilton - Traitor's Field
     Mark Billingham - The Dying Hours

May 2013
Author of the Month - Jonathan Holt
     Howard Linskey - The Dead
     Nora Roberts - Whiskey Beach
     Rory Clements - The Heretics
     Julia Crouch - Tarnished
     Col Bury - Cops of Manchester
     Anna Smith - Screams In The Dark
     S.G. MacLean - The Devil's Recruit
     R.C. Bridgestock - White Lilies
     Donna Leon - The Golden Egg
     Harlan Coben - Six Years
     Ed. by Craig Douglas and Darren Sant - Gloves Off
     Steve Christie - Good Deed

April 2013
Author of the Month - Tom Bale
Fresh Blood - Wiley Cash
Classic Crime - Andrew Garve
     Tony Black - Killing Time In Vegas
     D.E. Meredith - The Devil's Ribbon
     Imogen Robertson - The Paris Winter
     Mo Hayder - Poppet
     Luke Delaney - Cold Killing
     Christopher Brookmyre - Bedlam
     D.L. Johnstone - Furies
     Sabine Durrant - Under Your Skin
     Matthew Klein - No Way Back
     Louise Millar - Accidents Happen
     Liz Coley - Pretty Girl Thirteen
     R.N. Morris - Summon Up The Blood

March 2013
Author of the Month - Roger Smith
Fresh Blood - Becky Masterman
     Matt Hilton - Rules of Honour
     James Green - Another Small Kingdom
     Kerry Wilkinson - Think Of The Children
     Chris Ewan - The Good Thief's Guide To Berlin
     Doug Johnstone - Gone Again
     Michael Kardos - The Three Day Affair
     Ian Ayris - One Day In The Life Of Jason Dean
     Nick Quantrill - Bang Bang, You're Dead
     C.J. Lyons - Blind Faith
     Linda Castillo - Gone Missing
     Chris Mooney - The Killing House
     Roger Hobbs - Ghostman

February 2013
Author of the Month - Belinda Bauer
Fresh Blood - Stephan Talty
     Nigel Bird - Mr Suit
     Leigh Russell - Stop Dead
     Matt Hilton - Red Stripes
     Simon Kernick - Ultimatum
     Erin Kelly - The Burning Air
     Ann Cleeves - Dead Water
     Graham Hurley - Western Approaches
     Chris Kuzneski - The Hunters
     Janet Evanovich - Notorious Nineteen
     Barbara Nadel - Deadline
     Peter May - The Chess Men
     Aline Templeton - Evil For Evil
     Lisa Gardner - Touch and Go
     A. M. Dean - The Lost Library
     Linwood Barclay - Never Saw It Coming

January 2013
Author of the Month - Stuart MacBride
Fresh Blood - Gary Dolman
     Libby Fischer Hellmann - A Bitter Veil
     Alex Barclay - Blood Loss
     Rosemary and Larry Mild - Death Goes Postal
     Sheila Quigley - The Final Countdown
     Chris Simms - Scratch Deeper
     Boyd Morrison - The Roswell Conspiracy
     David Barber - From a Crowded Mind
     Val McDermid - Christmas Is Murder
     Patricia Cornwell - The Bone Bed
     Stephen Leather - False Friends
     Susan Hill - Dolly
     David Ellis - The Wrong Man

December 2012
Author of the Month - Lee Weeks
Fresh Blood - Michael Russell
     Karen Rose - Did You Miss Me?
     C.J. Sansom - Dominion
     Various - Off The Record 2 (An Anthology)
     Sam Hawken - Tequila Sunset
     Graham Smith - Gunshots: Ten Blows to the Abdomen
     Chris Nickson - Come the Fear
     Patricia Moyes - Who Saw Her Die?
     Sheila Radley - A Talent for Destruction
     Andy McNabb - Red Notice
     R. J. Ellory - A Dark and Broken Heart
     Steve Berry - The Columbus Affair
     John Grisham - The Racketeer

November 2012
Author of the Month - Zoe Sharp
Fresh Blood - Barry Gornell
Classic Crime - Francis Durbridge
     Ian Rankin - Standing In Another Man's Grave
     Russell D. McLean - Father Confessor
     Matt Hilton - Dead Fall
     Michael Robotham - Say You're Sorry
     Stella Rimington - The Geneva Trap
     Guy Adams - Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau
     Tanya Byrne - Heart-Shaped Bruise
     Catriona McPherson - Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses
     John J. Niven - Cold Hands
     Kathy Reichs - Bones Are Forever
     Barbara Erskine - River of Destiny
     David Baldacci - The Innocent
     Donna Leon - The Jewels of Paradise
     John Connolly and Declan Burke - Books To Die For
     Mark Allen Smith - The Inquisitor

October 2012
Author of the Month - Tom Cain
Fresh Blood - John Gordon Sinclair
     D. E. Meredith - Devoured
     John Connolly - The Wrath of Angels
     Sheila Radley - Death and the Maiden
     Linwood Barclay - Trust Your Eyes
     Neil White - Beyond Evil
     Denise Mina - Gods and Beasts
     Niall Leonard - Crusher
     Ferdinand Von Schirach - The Collini Case
     Peter James - Not Dead Yet
     Zoe Sharp - Across The Broken Line
     Alex Marwood - The Wicked Girls
     Tania Carver - Choked
     Jessie Keane - Nameless
     Andrew Williams - The Poison Tide
     Tess Gerritsen - Last To Die
     Mark Gimenez - The Governor's Wife

September 2012
Author of the Month - Val McDermid
Fresh Blood - Lisa Ballantyne
     Attica Locke - The Cutting Season
     Will Jordan - Redemption
     Chris Carter - The Death Sculptor
     Peter Robinson - Watching the Dark
     Lee Child - A Wanted Man
     Amanda Kyle Williams - Stranger in the Room
     Alex Gray - A Pound of Flesh
     Craig Russell - Dead Men and Broken Hearts
     T. Jefferson Parker - The Jaguar
     Sophie Hannah - Kind of Cruel
     Ken Bruen - Headstone
     Gene Colan - Tales of the Batman

August 2012
Author of the Month - Harry Bingham
Fresh Blood - Chris Culver
Classic Crime - Nicholas Blake
     Cathi Unsworth - Weirdo
     Chris Ewan - Safe House
     Mark Billingham - Rush of Blood
     Steve Mosby - Dark Room
     Barbara Nadel - A Private Business
     Jane Casey - The Last Girl
     Tim Weaver - Vanished
     Karin Slaughter - Criminal
     Asa Larsson - The Black Path
     David Mark - The Dark Winter
     Sandra Brown - Lethal
     R. D. Ronald - The Zombie Room
     David Jackson - The Helper

July 2012
Author of the Month - Steven Dunne
Fresh Blood - Julia Heaberlin
Classic Crime - M.R. James
     Ruth Rendell - The Saint Zita Society
     Harlan Coben - Stay Close
     Anne Zouroudi - The Bull of Mithros
     Stephen Booth - Dead and Buried
     Howard Linskey - The Damage
     Kevin Brooks - Until the Darkness Comes
     Greg Rucka - Alpha
     G. W. Kent - One Blood
     Linda Stratmann - The Daughters of Gentlemen
     Raymond Benson - Stiletto: Black and White
     Giorgio Faletti - Killer In My Eyes
     Sara Paretsky - Breakdown
     Mari Jungstedt - Dark Angel
     S. J. Parris - Sacrilege
     Matt McGuire - Dark Dawn
     Andrea Maria Schenkel - Bunker

June 2012
Author of the Month - Andrew Martin
Fresh Blood - Michael J. Malone
Classic Crime - Mary Stewart
     Penny Hancock - Tideline
     Tom Wood - The Enemy
     Zoe Ferraris - Kingdom of Strangers
     Matt Hilton (ed) - Action - Vol.1
     Martin O'Brien - The Dying Minutes
     Shamini Flint - A Curious Indian Cadaver
     Charlotte Link - The Other Child
     Lawrence O'Bryan - The Istanbul Puzzle
     Leigh Russell - Death Bed
     Cath Staincliffe - Dead To Me
     Paul Brazill - 13 Shots of Noir
     Beverly Barton - Don't Cry
     Robert Crais - Taken
     Elly Griffiths - A Room Full of Bones

May 2012
Author of the Month - Imogen Robertson
Fresh Blood - Ian Ayris
     Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl
     Matthew Quirk - The 500
     Tony Black - Murder Mile
     Jason Dean - The Wrong Man
     Rory Clements - Traitor
     Robert Lyndon - Hawk Quest
     Nick Santora - 15 Digits
     Doug Johnstone - Hit and Run
     Maxine Chattam - Carnage
     Lisa Gardner - Catch Me
     Various - Radgepacket Vol. 6

April 2012
Author of the Month - Nicola Upson
Fresh Blood - Lyndsay Faye
Classic Crime - Josephine Tey
     Richard Godwin - Mr. Glamour
     Camilla Lackberg - The Drowning
     Jo Nesbo - Phantom
     Donna Leon - Beastly Things
     Mark Terry - The Valley of Shadows
     Damien Seaman - The Killing of Emma Gross
     Julia Crouch - Every Vow You Break
     Erica Spindler - Watch Me Die
     Nick Quantrill - The Late Greats
     Gregg Hurwitz - The Survivor
     Jeff Lindsay - Double Dexter
     Maureen Jennings - Except the Dying
     Charles Cumming - A Foreign Country
     Alex Connor - A Legacy of Blood
     Col Bury - Manchester 6
     Conor Fitzgerald - The Fatal Touch
     Jo Nesbo - Headhunters

March 2012
Author of the Month - William Landay
Fresh Blood - Chris Pavone
Classic Crime - Celia Dale
     Elizabeth Haynes - Revenge of the Tide
     Matt Hilton - Six of the Best
     Zoe Sharp - Fox Five
     Brian Freeman - Spilled Blood
     Anna Smith - To Tell The Truth
     James Thompson - Lucifer's Tears
     Ann Cleeves - The Glass Room
     Alan Bradley - I Am Half Sick of Shadows
     Tami Hoag - Down The Darkest Road
     Susan Hill - Betrayal of Trust
     John Verdon - Shut Your Eyes Tight
     John Rector - Already Gone
     Helen Dunmore - The Greatcoat

February 2012
Author of the Month - Stav Sherez
Fresh Blood - Ewart Hutton
     Adrian McKinty - The Cold, Cold Ground
     Graham Hurley - Happy Days
     Simon Kernick - Siege
     Matt Hilton - No Going Back
     Graham Smith - The Harry Charters Chronicles
     Sue Grafton - V is for Vengeance
     Joe Stein - That Twisted Thing Called Truth
     Robert Ward - Total Immunity
     Alison Littlewood - A Cold Season
     Stuart MacBride - Birthdays for the Dead
     Sara Gran - City of the Dead
     Chris Womersley - Bereft

January 2012
Author of the Month - John Harvey
Fresh Blood - Tom Benn
Classic Crime - Patricia Wentworth
     Peter May - The Lewis Man
     Steve Hamilton - Misery Bay
     David Thomas - Blood Relative
     Ethan Cross - The Shepherd
     Ward Larsen - Fly By Night
     Janet Evanovich - Explosive Eighteen
     Julia Crouch - Cuckoo
     John F. Dobbyn - Black Diamond
     Tom McDonald - The Charlestown Connection
     Peter James - Perfect People
     Chris Kuzneski - The Death Relic
     Boyd Morrison - The Midas Code
     Gregg Olsen - Victim 6
     James Lee Burke - Feast Day of Fools
     James Patterson and Marshall Karp - Kill Me If You Can

December 2011
Author of the Month - Priscilla Masters
Fresh Blood - Mons Kallentoft
     Sheila Quigley - Nowhere Man
     R. J. Ellory - Bad Signs
     Graham Smith - 11 The Hard Way
     Tom Bale - Blood Falls
     Kate Ellis - Kissing the Demons
     H. Terrell Griffin - Collateral Damage
     Hakan Nesser - The Unlucky Lottery
     Chevy Stevens - Never Knowing
     J. B. Hughes - The Glass Tower
     Lindsay Ashford - The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen
     Kjell Eriksson - The Hand That Trembles
     Alex Waters - Trust No One
     Robert Baty - Vintage Connor (The Blonde in the Lotus Elise)

November 2011
Author of the Month - Ian Rankin
Fresh Blood - James Craig
Classic Crime - Arthur Upfield
     P.D. James - Death Comes To Pemberley
     F. G. Cottam - Brodmaw Bay
     Martina Cole - The Faithless
     Lawrence Block - A Drop of the Hard Stuff
     John Grisham - The Litigators
     Alan Glynn - Bloodland
     Daniel Silva - Portrait of a Spy
     Tom Harper - Secrets of the Dead
     Megan Abbott - The End of Everything
     Danny Miller - Kiss Me Quick
     Conor Fitzgerald - The Dogs of Rome
     Michael Connelly - The Drop
     Nick Stone - Voodoo Eyes
     Raymond Benson - The Black Stiletto
     Martin Walker - The Crowded Grave

October 2011
Fresh Blood - Matthew Dunn
     Lee Child - The Affair
     Mark Ellis - Princes Gate
     Shona MacLean - Crucible of Secrets
     Sean Black - Grid Lock
     Isabelle Grey - Out of Sight
     Craig Russell - The Deep Dark Sleep
     Asa Larsson - Until Thy Wrath Be Past
     Oliver Stark - 88 Killer
     Jane Casey - The Reckoning
     Alafair Burke - Long Gone
     Linda Castillo - Breaking Silence

September 2011
Author of the Month - Matt Hilton
     Emlyn Rees - Hunted
     Johan Theorin - The Quarry
     Tom Cain - Carver
     Marshall Karp - Cut, Paste, Kill
     Peter Robinson - Before the Poison
     Linwood Barclay - The Accident
     Chris Carter - The Night Stalker
     Stephen Leather - Fair Game
     Val McDermid - The Retribution
     Stella Rimington - Rip Tide
     Ruth Rendell - The Vault
     Ann Granger - Rack, Ruin and Murder
     Chris Ewan - The Good Thief's Guide to Venice
     Yrsa Sigurdadottir - The Day is Dark
     Ed Lynskey - Lake Charles
     Brent Ghelfi - The Burning Lake

August 2011
Author of the Month - Adrian Magson
Fresh Blood - Amanda Kyle Williams
Classic Crime - Michael Dibdin
     Karen Campbell - Proof of Life
     Joseph Finder - Buried Secrets
     Mark Billingham - Good As Dead
     David Baldacci - The Sixth Man
     Janet Evanovich - Smokin' Seventeen
     Declan Burke - Down These Green Streets
     C.J. Box - Back of Beyond
     Elizabeth Haynes - Into the Darkest Corner
     Lisa Gardner - Love You More
     Gene Kerrigan - Rage
     Howard Linsky - The Drop
     R. S. Downie - Ruso and the River of Darkness
     P. J. Tracy - Play To Kill
     James Becker - The Messiah Secret
     Luis Miguel Rocha - The Holy Assassin

July 2011
Author of the Month - Nicci French
Fresh Blood - Thomas Enger
     S.J. Bolton - Now You See Me
     Karin Slaughter - Fallen
     Craig Russell - A Fear of Dark Water
     Jeff Abbott - The Last Minute
     Eoin Colfer - Plugged
     Mark Mills - House of the Hanged
     Michael Marshall - Killer Move
     Tess Gerritsen - The Silent Girl
     Denise Mina - The End of the Wasp Season
     Tom Franklin - Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
     Felix Riley - The Set-Up
     Camilla Lackberg - The Hidden Child
     Adam Kolczynski  - The Oxford Virus
     Charles Brokaw - The Lucifer Code

June 2011
Author of the Month - Steve Berry
Fresh Blood - Lars Kepler
     Roger Smith - Mixed Blood
     Peter James - Dead Man's Grip
     Jussi Alder-Olsen - Mercy
     Tony Black - Truth Lies Bleeding
     John Hart - Iron House
     Philip Carter - Altar of Bones
     Harlan Coben - Live Wire
     Tom Bale - Terror's Reach
     Imogen Robertson - Island of Bones
     Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place
     Tom Winship - The Opposite of Mercy
     Michael Jecks - King's Gold
     Alex Barclay - Time of Death

May 2011
Author of the Month - Don Winslow
Fresh Blood - Tom Wood
     Gordon Ferris - The Hanging Shed
     Stephen Booth - The Devil's Edge
     Adrian McKinty - Falling Glass
     Oliver Harris - The Hollow Man
     Leigh Russell - Dead End
     Dreda Say Mitchell - Hit Girls
     Wilbur Smith - Those In Peril
     Barbara Nadel - A Noble Killing
     David Ellis - Breach of Trust
     Will Carver - Girl 4
     Claire Seeber - Fragile Minds
     Sean Slater - The Survivor
     Stephen Hunter - I, Sniper
     Will Adams - The Eden Legacy
     Alex Berenson - The Silent Man

April 2011
Author of the Month - Sara Paretsky
Fresh Blood - S. J. Watson
     Zoe Sharp - Fifth Victim
     Ann Cleeves - Silent Voices
     Michael Connelly - The Fifth Witness
     Mo Hayder - Hanging Hill
     Richard Montanari - The Echo Man
     S. J. Parris - Prophecy
     Simon Kernick - Payback
     Alex Gray - Five Ways to Kill a Man
     David Hewson - The Fallen Angel
     Steve Mosby - Black Flowers
     Laura Lippman - Don't Look Back
     Catriona McPherson - Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder

March 2011
Author of the Month - Colin Cotterill
Fresh Blood - David Jackson
     Simon Beckett - Calling to the Grave
     Carl Hiaasen - Star Island
     Robert Crais - The Sentry
     Priscilla Masters - Frozen Charlotte
     Andrew Rosenheim - Fear Itself
     Kevin Brooks - A Dance of Ghosts
     Dennis Lehane - Moonlight Mile
     Jon Osborne - Kill Me Once
     Alex Gray - Sleep Like the Dead
     Adrian Dawson - Codex
     Doug Johnstone - Smokeheads
     Scott Mariani - The Lost Relic
     Rebecca Jenkins - Death of a Radical
     Richard Montanari - The Devil's Garden
     Alex Connor - The Rembrandt Secret
     Chris Ewan - The Good Thief's Guide to Vegas
     Stella Rimington - Present Danger

February 2011
Author of the Month - Charles Cumming
Fresh Blood - Jason Webster
     Matt Hilton - Blood and Ashes
     Peter May - The Blackhouse
     David Baldacci - Hell's Corner
     Deborah Harkness - The Discovery of Witches
     Jim Kelly - Death Toll
     Vince Flynn - American Assassin
     Harlan Coben - Caught
     Sam Christer - The Stonehenge Legacy
     Dan Bruns - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
     Jon Trace - The Rome Prophecy
     Craig Robertson - Random
     H. Terrell Griffin - Bitter Legacy

January 2011
Author of the Month - Jo Nesbo
Fresh Blood - Sam Hawken
     Stuart MacBride - Shatter the Bones
     Gregg Hurwitz - You're Next
     J A Kerley - Buried Alive
     Boyd Morrison - The Noah's Ark Quest
     C J West - The End of Marking Time
     Bill Vidal - The Aztec
     Tony Park - Silent Predator
     Dave Zeltzerman - Outsourced
     David Hewson - The Blue Demon
     Kevin Lewis - Scent of a Killer
     Craig Russell - The Valkyrie Song
     Michael Gregorio - Unholy Awakening
     Adrian Magson  - Death on the Marais
     Sheila Quigley - Thorn In My Side
     Mark Timlin  - Stay Another Day
     Jill Paton Walsh - The Attenbury Emeralds

December 2010
Author of the Month - Chris Mooney
Fresh Blood - Chevy Stevens
Classic Crime - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
     MC Beaton  - Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body
     Susan Hill - The Small Hand
     Various - Sounds of Crime
     Graham Hurley - Borrowed Light
     Jeffery Deaver - Edge
     Nelson Demille - The Lion
     Tom Cain - Dictator
     Aline Templeton - Cradle to Grave
     Dick Francis and Felix Francis - Crossfire
     Daniel Silva - The Rembrandt Affair
     Charlie Charters - Bolt Action
     Linda Castillo - Pray for Silence
     Tom Harper - The Lazarus Vault
     Martin O'Brien - Confession
     Caro Ramsay - Dark Water
     Gerard O'Donovan - The Priest
     Lee Weeks - Kiss and Die
     Karen Campbell - Shadowplay
     Marcus Sakey - No Turning Back

November 2010
Author of the Month - Roslund and Hellstrom
Fresh Blood - Danielle Ramsay
     Martina Cole - The Family
     John le Carre - Our Kind of Traitor
     John Grisham - The Confession
     James Lee Burke - The Glass Rainbow
     Ward Larsen - Fly By Wire
     Barbara Erskine - Time's Legacy
     Henry Porter - The Dying Light
     Jeff Abbott - Adrenaline
     Michael Dobbs - The Reluctant Hero
     Peter James - Dead Like You
     Tom Cain - Assassin
     Don Winslow - Savages
     Brian Freeman - The Bone House
     Chris Kuzneski - The Secret Crown

October 2010
Author of the Month - Andrew Taylor
Fresh Blood - Michael Koryta
     R.J. Ellory - Saints of New York
     Michael Connelly - The Reversal
     Peter Robinson - Bad Boy
     David Hosp - Among Thieves
     Shona McLean - A Game of Sorrows
     Richard Jay Parker - Stop Me
     Jeffery Deaver - The Burning Wire
     Sean O'Brien - Afterlife
     Roger Smith - Wake Up Dead
     Lee Child - Worth Dying For
     Kate Atkinson - Started Early, Took My Dog
     Stephen Leather - Rough Justice
     Zoe Sharp - Fourth Day
     James Green - Stealing God
     Ruth Rendell - Tigerlily's Orchids

September 2010
Author of the Month - C J Sansom
Fresh Blood - James Forrester
     Matt Hilton - Cut and Run
     Tana French - Faithful Place
     Chris Carter - The Executioner
     Karin Slaughter - Broken
     Mark Billingham - From The Dead
     Linwood Barclay - Never Look Away
     Tony Black - Long Time Dead
     Simon Lelic - Rupture
     Maureen Duffy - The Orpheus Trail
     Tania Carver - The Creeper
     Andrew Grant - Die Twice
     Scott G. Mariani - Uprising
     Alex Kava - Black Friday
     Juan Gomez-Jurado - Contract with God
     Kathryn Fox - Blood Born
     Patrick Woodhead - The Forbidden Temple

August 2010
Author of the Month - Lisa Gardner
Fresh Blood - John Verdon
     Stephen King - Under the Dome
     Janet Evanovich - Sizzling Sixteen
     Jeff Lindsay - Dexter is Delicious
     Quentin Jardine - A Rush of Blood
     Meg Gardiner - The Liar's Lullaby
     Stuart Neville - The Twelve
     John Harvey - A Darker Shade of Blue
     Daniel Blake - Soul Murder
     R.S. Downie - Ruso and the Root of All Evils
     Brad Meltzer - Book of Lies
     Jack Henderson - 7 Seconds
     Lindsey Davis - Nemesis
     Susanna Gregory - The Killer of Pilgrims
     Gladys Mitchell - Hangman's Curfew
     Peter Grimsdale - Just Watch Me
     Jon Trace - The Venice Conspiracy
     Barbara Levenson - Justice in June

July 2010
Author of the Month - Craig Russell
Fresh Blood - Erin Kelly
     Imogen Robertson - Anatomy of Murder
     Linwood Barclay - Fear The Worst
     Meg Gardiner - The Memory Collector
     Michael R. Stevens - Fortuna
     Walter Mosely - Known To Evil
     Steve Hamilton - The Lock Artist
     John Kilgallon - The Prophecy
     Steve Berry - The Paris Vendetta

June 2010
Author of the Month - Philip Wilding
     Oliver Stark - American Devil
     Rory Clements - Revenger
     Diane Janes - The Pull of the Moon
     Thomas Perry - Strip
     Alex Berenson - The Midnight House
     John Connolly - The Whisperers
     Donna Moore - Old Dogs
     Lin Anderson - Final Cut
     Mari Jungstedt - The Killer's Art
     Ed by Elizabeth George - Two of the Deadliest
     Joseph Finder - Vanished
     Jonathan Hayes - Hard Death
     Michael Byrnes - The Sacred Blood

May 2010
Author of the Month - Chris Simms
Fresh Blood - Bryan Boswell
Classic Crime - Celia Fremlin
     Jo Nesbo - The Snowman
     Stephen Booth - Lost River
     William Ryan - The Holy Thief
     Matt Hilton - Slash and Burn
     Martina Cole - Hard Girls
     S. J. Rozan - Trail of Blood
     Stuart MacBride - Dark Blood
     Craig Russell - Lennox
     Jakob Arjouni - Chez Max
     Clem Chambers - The Twain Maxim
     Kimberley Chambers - The Feud
     Grant McKenzie - Switch
     Cathi Unsworth - Bad Penny Blues

April 2010
Author of the Month - Deon Meyer
Fresh Blood - Suzanne Bugler
     Brian McGilloway - The Rising
     Sara Paretsky - Hardball
     Alan Glynn - Winterland
     Mark Billingham - Bloodline
     Alafair Burke - City of Lies
     Sam Hayes - Tell Tale
     Glenn Cooper - The Tenth Chamber
     John Macken - Control
     Marek Krajewski  - The End of the World in Breslau
     Matthew Reilly - The Five Greatest Warriors

March 2010
Author of the Month - Sarah Pinborough
Fresh Blood - Ruth Newman
     Lee Child - 61 Hours
     Joseph Wambaugh  - Hollywood Moon
     Richard North Pattterson  - The Spire
     Robert Crais - The First Rule
     Jillianne Hoffman - Pretty Little Things
     Jon Stock - Dead Spy Running
     Camilla Lackberg - The Preacher
     Will Adams - The Lost Labyrinth
     Clive Cussler - Plague Ship
     James Patterson - 8th Confession

February 2010
Author of the Month - Ann Cleeves
Fresh Blood - Sam Eastland
     Mo Hayder - Gone
     Simon Kernick - The Last 10 Seconds
     M.R. Hall - The Disappeared
     Glenn Cooper  - Book Of Lost Souls
     David Ellis - The Hidden Man
     Edward Wilson - The Envoy
     Paul Sussman - The Hidden Oasis

January 2010
Author of the Month - Graham Hurley
Fresh Blood - Attica Locke
     David Baldacci  - True Blue
     Arnaldur Indridason - Hypothermia
     Bateman  - Day of the Jack Russell
     Russel D. McLean  - The Lost Sister
     Mo Hayder - Skin
     Tony Pollard - The Secrets of the Lazarus Club
     Frances Brody - Dying in the Wool
     James Twining - The Geneva Deception
     Keith Souter - The Fools Folly
     Thomas Greanias - The Atlantic Revelation
     David Baldacci - First Family
     Jeffrey Deaver - The Bodies Left Behind

December 2009
Author of the Month - Sheila Quigley
Fresh Blood - Camilla Noli
     John Curran - Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks
     Jonathan Kellerman - True Detectives
     Hilary Macaskill  - Agatha Christie at Home
     C.J. Box  - Three Weeks to Say Goodbye
     Ngaio Marsh  - Ngaio Marsh Omnibus 1
     Catriona McPherson  - Proper Treatment of Bloodstains
     James Lee Burke  - Rain Gods
     Thomas Perry - Runner

November 2009
Author of the Month - F G Cottam
Fresh Blood - Ryan David Jahn
     Michael Connelly - Nine Dragons
     Cody MacFadyen - Abandoned
     Christopher Brookmyre - Pandaemonium
     Cassandra Clark - The Red Velvet Turnshoe
     Jonathan Kellerman - Evidence
     Yaba Badoe - True Murder
     N.J. Cooper - No Escape
     David Hewson - Dante's Numbers
     Luis Miguel Rocha  - The Last Pope
     James Sheehan - Law of Second Chances

October 2009
Author of the Month - Sam Millar
Fresh Blood - Chris Longmuir
     Steig Larsson - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
     Ariana Franklin - Relics of the Dead
     Chelsea Cain - Evil at Heart
     Philip Kerr - If The Dead Rise Not
     Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol
     Kathy Reichs - 206 Bones
     Stuart B. MacBride - Halfhead
     Matt Hilton - Judgement and Wrath
     Daniel Silva - The Defector
     Mario Reading - The Nostradamus Prophecies
     C.M. Palov  - Stones of Fire

September 2009
Author of the Month - R. J. Ellory
Fresh Blood - Chris Carter
Classic Crime - James Curtis/Robert Westerby
     Val McDermid - Fever of the Bone
     Nicola Upson - Angel With Two Faces
     Ian Rankin - The Complaints
     David Levien - Where The Dead Lay
     Martin Walker - The Dark Vineyard
     George Dawes Green - Ravens
     Barbara Nadel - Sure and Certain Death
     Deon Meyer - Blood Safari
     Gunnar Staalsen  - Writing on the Wall
     Lee Child - Gone Tomorrow
     Susanna Gregory - A Vein of Deceit
     Charles Brokaw - The Atlantis Code
     Michael Stanley - A Deadly Trade

August 2009
Author of the Month - Laura Wilson
Fresh Blood - Liam McIlvanney
     Johan Theorin - The Darkest Room
     Denise Mina - Still Midnight
     Aline Templeton - Dead in the Water
     Lisa Gardner - The Neighbour
     Peter Robinson - The Price of Love
     Don Winslow - The Gentleman's Hour
     Anne Zouroudi - The Doctor of Thessaly
     Douglas Watt - Death of a Chief
     Martin Suter - A Deal With The Devil
     Jeffery Deaver - Roadside Crosses
     Shona McLean - The Redemption of Alexander Seaton
     Paul Johnston - Crying Blue Murder/Last Red Death/Golden Silence

July 2009
Author of the Month - George Pelecanos
Fresh Blood - Andrew Grant
     Thomas H. Cook - The Fate of Katherine Carr
     John Connolly - The Lovers
     Reginald Hill - Midnight Fugue
     Marshall Karp - Flipping Out
     James Patterson - Swimsuit
     Anne Zouroudi - The Taint of Midas
     Matt Hilton - Dead Man's Dust
     John Hart - The Last Child
     Ann Cleeves - Red Bones
     Andrew Nugent - Soul Murder
     Yrsa Sigurdardottir  - My Soul To Take
     Helen Black - A Place of Safety
     Glenn Cooper - Library of the Dead
     Brian Freeman - The Watcher

June 2009
Author of the Month - Tony Black
Fresh Blood - Linda Castillo
     Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Angel's Game
     Arturo Pérez-Reverte - The Man in the Yellow Doublet
     Harlan Coben - Long Lost
     Mari Jungstedt - Unknown
     Bateman - Mystery Man
     John Baker - Winged With Death
     Rory Clements - Martyr
     Michael Morley - Viper
     Michael Marshall - Bad Things
     Shamini Flint - Inspector Singh Investigates
     Malla Nunn - A Beautiful Place To Die
     Jason Pinter - The Stolen
     Arnaldur Indridason  - Arctic Chill
     David Ellis - Line of Vision
     J A Kerley - Blood Brother
     Julian Evans - A Good and Happy Child

May 2009
Author of the Month - Rennie Airth
Fresh Blood - Adam Creed
Classic Crime - Michael Gilbert
     Michael Connelly  - The Scarecrow
     Donna Leon  - About Face
     Caro Ramsay - Singing to the Dead
     Alafair Burke  - City of Fear
     Pater Temple - Shooting Star

April 2009
Author of the Month - Brian McGilloway
Fresh Blood - Simone van der Vlugt
     Stav Sherez  - The Black Monastery
     Erica Spindler - Breakneck
     Lisa Unger  - Black Out
     Qui Xiaolong  - The Mao Case
     G J Moffat  - Daisy Chain
     Fred Vargas  - The Chalk Circle Man
     Janet Evanovich  - Plum Spooky
     Mark Giminez  - The Common Lawyer
     Lesley Horton  - Twisted Tracks

March 2009
Author of the Month - Tom Bradby
Fresh Blood - Elly Griffiths
     Karen Campbell  - After The Fire
     Alex Gray - Glasgow Kiss
     Jo Nesbo - The Redeemer
     Robert Wilson  - The Ignorance of Blood
     Stieg Larsson  - The Girl Who Played With Fire

February 2009
Author of the Month - Sophie Hannah
Fresh Blood - Josh Bazell
     Lindsay Davis  - Alexandria
     Graham Hurley - No Lovelier Death
     Barbara Nadel - River of the Dead
     Barry Forshaw (Ed.) - British Crime Writing Encyclopedia
     Richard Price - Lush Life
     John Grisham - The Associate
     James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge - Run For Your Life
     Michael Jecks - King of Thieves
     Steven Hague - Justice For All
     Chris Mooney - The Secret Friend
     Kirino Natsuo - Real World

January 2009
Author of the Month - Jim Kelly
Fresh Blood - Alan Bradley
     Linwood Barclay  - Too Close to Home
     Tess Gerritson  - Keeping the Dead
     Camilla Läckberg  - The Ice Princess
     Andrew Klavan  - Empire of Lies
     Neil Cross  - Burial
     Michael Pearce  - A Dead Man in Barcelona
     Ruth Brandon  - Caravaggio’s Angel
     Carol O’Connell  - Bone by Bone
     Cynthia Harrod-Eagles  - Game Over

December 2008
Author of the Month - Lynda la Plante
Fresh Blood - Inger Ash Wolfe
     Andy McNab - Brute Force
     Ruth Rendell - Portobello
     Alex Kava - Exposed
     Ed by Paul Gravett  - The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics
     Matthew Klein  - Conned

November 2008
Author of the Month - M.C. Beaton
Fresh Blood - James Green
     Martina Cole - The Business
     FG Cottam - Dark Echo
     Jeri Westerson  - Veil of Lies
     David Simon  - Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets
     Andrew Pepper - Kill Devil and Water
     Stella Rimington  - Dead Lne
     Benjamin Black  - The Lemur
     Jonathan Kellerman - Bones
     Adrian Magson  - No Kiss for the Devil
     Mandasue Heller  - Shafted

October 2008
Author of the Month - James Lee Burke
Fresh Blood - Dan Waddell
     R J Ellory - A Simple Act of Violence
     Brett Battles  - The Deceived
     Ian Rankin - Doors Open
     Michael Connolly  - The Brass Verdict
     Peter Leonard  - Quiver
     Gillian Philip - Bad Faith
     Andy McNab - Crossfire
     Kate Atkinson - When Will There Be Good News?
     James McGee - Rapscallion
     Tana French - The Likeness
     Kathy Reichs - Devil Bones

September 2008
Author of the Month - Barbara Vine
Fresh Blood - Sebastian Fitzek
     P.D. James - The Private Patient
     Rebecca Jenkins  - The Dukes Agent
     Barbara Nadel  - Ashes to Ashes
     Janet Evanovich  - Fearless Fourteen
     Patrick Quinlan  - The Drop-Off
     Dick Francis and Felix Francis - Silks
     Meg Gardiner - The Dirty Secrets Club
     Jeffery Deaver - The Broken Window
     Andrew Pyper - The Killing Circle
     Robert Crais - Chasing Darkness
     Val McDermid - A Darker Domain
     Christopher Reichs  - Rules of Deception
     Penny Rudolph - Listen to the Mockingbird
     Lance Elliot  - Murder Plot

August 2008
Author of the Month - Gregg Hurwitz
Fresh Blood - Johan Theorin
     Peter Robinson - All the Colours of Darkness
     Lisa Gardner - Say Goodbye
     Tom Cain - The Survivor
     Frances Fyfield - Blood from Stone
     Mark Billingham - In The Dark
     E.V. Seymour - The Last Exile
     Chelsea Cain - Sweet Heart
     Ken Bruen - Sanctuary
     Susan Hill - The Vows of Silence
     Karin Slaughter  - Fractured
     George Pelecanos - The Turnaround
     Barbara Erskine - The Warrior's Princess
     Jesse Kellerman - The Brutal Art
     Terri Persons - Blind Rage

July 2008
Author of the Month - Simon Kernick
Fresh Blood - Will Lavender
     Cody McFayden - The Darker Side
     Charlie Newton - Calumnet City
     Marshall Karp - Bloodthirsty
     Aline Templeton - Lamb to the Slaughter
     Thomas Perry - Fidelity
     Peter Lovesey - The Headhunters
     Jeff Abbott - Run
     Michael Dobbs - The Lords’ Day
     James Lee Burke - The Tin Roof Blowdown
     Martyn Waites - White Riot
     Lis Howell - The Chorister at the Abbey
     James Patterson - Step on a Crack

June 2008
Author of the Month - Peter James
Fresh Blood - David Levien
     Sebastian Faulks (Writing as Ian Fleming)  - Devil May Care
     Andrea Maria Schenkel - The Murder Farm
     Michael Morley  - Spider
     Jean-Francois Parot  - The Man with the Lead Stomach
     Steve Mosby  - Cry For Help
     Elizabeth George  - Careless in Red
     Peter Temple  - Dead Point
     Greg Iles  - Third Degree
     James Patterson  - Sail
     Philip Kerr - A Quiet Flame
     Andrew Martin - Death on a Branch Line
     Gladys Mitchell - Printers Error
     Claire Seeber - Lullaby

May 2008
Author of the Month - John Connolly
Fresh Blood - Jason Pinter
     Ariana Franklin - The Death Maze
     R N Morris - A Vengeful Longing
     Lawrence Goldstone  - The Anatomy of Deception
     Martin Walker - Bruno, Chief of Police
     Alex Gray - Pitch Black
     Andrew Taylor - Bleeding Heart Square
     Andy Oakes - Citizen One
     Nick Rennison - The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

April 2008
Author of the Month - Robert Barnard
Fresh Blood - Nicola Upson
     C.J. Sansom - Revelation
     Barry Eisler - Requiem for an Assassin
     Harlan Coben - Hold Tight
     Jo Nesbo - Nemesis
     Ann Cleeves - White Nights
     Lindsay Ashford - The Killer Inside
     R.S. Downie - Ruso and the Demented Doctor
     David Wishart - Illegally Dead
     Jefferson Bass - Carved in Bone
     Martin O'Brien - Jacquot and the Fifteen
     Catherine Sampson - The Pool of Unease
     Lee Child - Bad Luck and Trouble

March 2008
Author of the Month - Mark Gimenez
Fresh Blood - Tom Rob Smith
     Lee Child - Nothing to Lose
     Laura Wilson - Stratton's War
     Reginald Hill - A Cure for All Diseases
     Marek Krajewski  - Death in Breslau
     Jack Ross - Requiem
     Roberta Kray - The Lost
     Mari Jungstedt  - Unspoken
     John Rickards - Burial Ground
     M.C. Beaton  - Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death/Vicious Vet
     Kathryn Fox - Skin and Bone
     Ingrid Black - The Judas Heart

February 2008
Author of the Month - Michael Robotham
Fresh Blood - S.J. Bolton
     David Ellis - Eye of the Beholder
     M.J. Rose - The Reincarnationist
     Peter Temple - Black Tide
     Simon Lewis - Bad Traffic
     Qiu Xiaolong  - A Case of Two Cities
     Fred Vargas - This Night’s Foul Work
     John Grisham - The Appeal
     Andrea Camilleri - The Patience of the Spider
     Graham Hurley - The Price of Darkness
     James Sallis - Cripple Creek
     Linda Fairstein  - Killer Heat
     James Patterson  - 7th Heaven
     Constance Briscoe  - Beyond Ugly
     Helen Black - Damaged Goods
     John Matthews - Ascension Day
     Jane Hill - The Murder Ballad

January 2008
Author of the Month - David Hewson
Fresh Blood - Yrsa Sigurdardottir
     Tess Gerritsen - The Bone Garden
     Qiu Xiaolong  - Red Mandarin Dress
     Edward Wright  - Damnation Falls
     Linwood Barclay  - No Time for Goodbye
     Barbara Nadel - Pretty Dead Things
     Susan Arnout Smith  - The Timer Game
     Armand Cabasson  - The Officer’s Prey
     Leif Davidsen  - The Serbian Dane
     ed. Maxim Jakubowski - Paris Noir
     Peter Temple - Bad Debts
     Karen Rose - Die For Me

December 2007
Author of the Month - Donald Westlake
Fresh Blood - P.D. Martin
     M. C. Beaton  - Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye
     Susan Hill - The Man in the Picture
     Thomas Perry  - Silence
     Jane Huxley - Summer Night, Winter Moon
     Michael Pearce  - A Dead Man in Tangier
     Patricia Cornwell - Book of the Dead
     Francis Durbridge - Send for Paul Temple

November 2007
Author of the Month - James Twining
Fresh Blood - Neil White
     John Hart - Down River
     Joan Smith - What Will Survive
     Priscilla Masters - Slipknot
     Joseph Finder - Power Play
     Miyuki Miyabe - The Devil’s Whisper
     Faye Kellerman  - The Burnt House
     Michael Didbin - End Games
     Qiu Xiaolong  - When Red is Black
     Robert Ellis  - City of Fire
     Ake Edwardson - Frozen Tracks
     Rosemary Rowe - A Coin for the Ferryman
     Ann Granger - Rattling the Bones

October 2007
Author of the Month - Ian Rankin
Fresh Blood - Adrian Hyland
     Robert Goddard  - Name To A Face
     Karin Slaughter  - Skin Privilege
     Kathy Reichs - Bones to Ashes
     Val McDermid - Beneath The Bleeding
     Daniel Silva - The Secret Servant
     Arnaldur Indridason  - The Draining Lake
     Adrian Magson - No Tears for the Lost
     Margaret Frazer  - A Play of Isaac
     Agatha Christie  - Dead Man’s Folly (AUDIO BOOK)
     John Hart  - King of Lies

September 2007
Author of the Month - Dreda Say Mitchell
Fresh Blood - Chelsea Cain
     Aline Templeton - Lying Dead
     Mark Billingham - Death Message
     Jeffery Deaver - The Sleeping Doll
     Michael Marshall - The Intruders
     Martin Cruz Smith - Stalin's Ghost
     Lee Martin - Gangster's Wives
     Peter Robinson - Friend of the Devil
     Tom Cain - The Accident Man

August 2007
Author of the Month - Denise Mina
Fresh Blood - Caro Ramsay
Classic Crime - Derek Raymond
     Scott Frost - Run The Risk
     David Baldacci - Simple Genius
     Karin Fossum - Black Seconds
     Pip Vaughan-Hughes  - The Vault of Bones
     Pauline Rowson  - In For The Kill
     Simon Kernick - Severed

July 2007
Author of the Month - Sam Bourne
Fresh Blood - Marshall Karp
     Cody McFayden - The Face of Death
     Candace Robb - The Guilt of Innocents
     Claude Izner - Murder on the Eiffel Tower
     Louise Penny - Dead Cold
     Andrew Gross - The Blue Zone
     Laura Lippman - What The Dead Know
     Martha Powers  - Death Angel
     Pat McIntosh - St Mungo’s Robin
     Gordon Ferris - Truth Dare Kill

June 2007
Author of the Month - Cathi Unsworth
     Michael Connelly - The Overlook
     Robert Gregory Browne - Kiss Her Goodbye
     Alafair Burke  - Dead Connection
     Michael Robotham - The Night Ferry
     Paul Johnston - The Death List
     Dean Koontz - The Good Guy
     Jean-Francois Parot - The Châtelet Apprentice
     Ken Bruen - Cross

May 2007
Author of the Month - Ariana Franklin
Classic Crime - Georgette Heyer
     Alex Gray - The Riverman
     Martin O'Brien - Jacquot and the Master
     Marcus Sakey - The Blade Itself
     Harlan Coben - The Woods
     Thomas Perry - Nightlife
     Sam North - The Velvet Rooms
     Andrew Nugent - Second Burial
     Chris Mooney - The Missing
     Jeff Abbott - Fear

April 2007
Author of the Month - Natasha Mostert
     Chris Kuzneski - Sign of the Cross
     Asa Larsson - The Savage Altar
     Graeme Roe - Dangerous Outsider
     Qiu Xiaolong  - When Red is Black
     Richard Montanari - Broken Angels
     David Wishart - In At The Death
     John Rickards - The Darkness Inside
     Steve Mosby - The 50/50 Killer
     David Lawrence - Down Into Darkness
     Jesse Kellerman - Trouble
     Stephen White - Kill Me

March 2007
Author of the Month - Reginald Hill
Fresh Blood - John Macken
     Martin Langfield - The Malice Box
     Deborah Crombie - Water Like A Stone
     Brad Meltzer - The Book of Fate
     Graham Hurley - One Under
     Carmen Posadas - The Last Resort
     Robert Crais - The Watchman
     Robert Barnard - A Fall From Grace
     Terri Persons - Blind Spot
     Peter Temple - In the Evil Day
     Aline Templeton - The Darkness and the Deep
     ed. Scott Turow - The Best American Mystery Stories

February 2007
Author of the Month - Natasha Cooper
Fresh Blood - Cody McFadyen
     Lisa Gardner - Hide
     Christopher Goffard - Snitch Jacket
     Mark Gimenez - The Abduction
     Lindsey Davis - Saturnalia
     Faye and Jonathan Kellerman - Capital Crimes
     Lesley Horton - The Hollow Core
     Judith Cutler - Cold Pursuit
     Daniel Silva - Prince of Fire
     Tony Hillerman - The Shape Shifter
     John Le Carre - The Mission Song

January 2007
Author of the Month - Elizabeth George
Fresh Blood - Gillian Flynn
     Fred Vargas - Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand
     Dean Koontz - Brother Odd
     Linda Fairstein - Bad Blood
     Thomas Harris - Hannibal Rising
     Tess Gerritsen - The Mephisto Club
     Alexander McGregor - Lawless
     Mari Jungstedt - Unseen
     Lynda La Plante - The Red Dahlia
     Carol Anne Davis - Shrouded
     Jonathan Santlofer - The Death Artist
     Jason Goodwin - The Janissary Tree

December 2006
Author of the Month - Gilbert Adair
Fresh Blood - Linda Regan
Classic Crime - Dorothy L. Sayers
     Ruth Rendell - The Water’s Lovely
     Mary and Carol Higgins Clark - Santa Cruise
     M. C. Beaton - Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor
     Jean-Patrick Manchette - The Prone Gunman
     Anne Perry - A Christmas Secret
     Derek Wilson - Unquiet Spirit
     Faye Kellerman - The Garden of Evil and other criminal delights.

November 2006
Author of the Month - Martina Cole
Fresh Blood - Matthew Klein
     Ian Rankin - The Naming of the Dead
     James Herbert - The Secret of Crickley Hall
     Michael Cox - The Meaning of Night
     Stella Rimington - Secret Asset
     Brian Freeman - Stripped
     Laura Lippman - No Good Deeds
     Henning Mankell - Depths
     Janet Evanovich - Motor Mouth
     Jonathon King - Eye of Vengeance
     Otto Penzler (Ed) - Pulp Fiction: The Crimefighters

October 2006
Author of the Month - Thomas H. Cook
Fresh Blood - Stef Penney
     C.J. Sansom  - Sovereign
     James Sheehan  - The Mayor of Lexington Avenue
     Michael Connelly  - Echo Park
     P. J. Tracy - Snow Blind
     Ruth Downie  - Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls
     Jonathan Kellerman - Gone
     James Patterson - Cross
     Judith Cutler  - The Chinese Takeout
     Katy Gardner - Hidden
     Karin Alvtegen - Shame
     Christian Jungerson - The Exception

September 2006
Author of the Month - Dick Francis
Fresh Blood - David Harrison
Classic Crime - Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo
     Jo Nesbo - The Redbreast
     Barbara Erskine - Daughters of Fire
     Qui Xialong - A Loyal Character Dancer
     James Patterson - Judge and Jury
     Louis Bayard - The Pale Blue Eye
     Scott Frost - Never Fear
     Sarah Rayne - Spider Light
     Pierre Magnan - Death in the Truffle Wood
     Otto Penzler (ed) - Dangerous Women

August 2006
Author of the Month - Arnaldur Indridason
Fresh Blood - Andrew Nugent
     Jim Kelly - The Coldest Blood
     Kathleen McGowan - The Expected One
     Barbara Nadel - After The Mourning
     Jeffery Deaver - The Cold Moon
     Susan Hill - Risk of Darkness
     Pierre Magnan - The Messengers of Death
     Peter James - Looking Good Dead
     Chris Jordan - Taken
     Matti Joensuu - The Priest of Evil
     Ann Granger - A Rare Interest In Corpses
     Edward Wright - Red Sky Lament

July 2006
Author of the Month - Sally Spedding
Fresh Blood - Andrew Pepper
Classic Crime - Edgar Allan Poe
     Peter Temple - The Broken Shore
     Dean Koontz - The Husband
     Kathy Reichs - Break No Bones
     Janet Evanovich - Twelve Sharp
     Lindsay Ashford - Death Studies
     Susanna Gregory - The Tarnished Chalice
     Michael Robotham - The Drowning Man
     Sue Grafton - S is for Silence
     Jeff Abbott - Panic
     Michael Jecks  - A Friar’s Bloodfeud

June 2006
Author of the Month - Peter Robinson
Fresh Blood - Jesse Kellerman
Classic Crime - David Goodis
     Patricia Cornwell - At Risk
     Joseph Finder - Killer Instinct
     Mark Billingham - Buried
     Elizabeth Peters - Tomb of the Golden Bird
     Val McDermid - Cleanskin
     Robert Crais - The Two Minute Rule
     Katherine John - The Corpse’s Tale

May 2006
Author of the Month - James Patterson
Fresh Blood - Patrick Quinlan
     Thomas H. Cook - Red Leaves
     Elizabeth Rigby - The Hunting Season
     Stephen Miller - A Game of Soldiers
     Bernard Knight - The Elixir of Death
     Lindsay Ashford - Strange Blood
     Katherine John - By Any Name
     Anne Perry - Dark Assassin
     Ake Edwardson  - Never End
     Richard Kunzmann - Salamander Cotton
     Michael Symmons Roberts - Patrick's Alphabet

Graphic Novels
     Greg Rucka - Wonder Woman: The Lies - Vol.1
     George Perez - Wonder Woman Omnibus: Vol.2
     Jon Morris - The Legion of Regrettable Super Villains
     James Tynion IV - Detective Comics: Vol.1 - Rise of the Batmen
     Grant Morrison - Wonder Woman: Earth One
     Jeff Lemire  - Descender: Vol.1 - Tin Stars
     Dan Abnett - Aquaman: Vol.1 - The Drowning
     Jill Thompson - Wonder Woman: The True Amazon
     Dan Abnett - Titans: Vol.1 - The Return of Wally West
     Hope Nicholson - The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen

April 2006
Author of the Month - William Brodrick
Fresh Blood - Simon Beckett
Classic Crime - Raymond Chandler
     Chris Petit - The Passenger
     Qiu Xiaolong - Death of a Red Heroine
     Francesca Weisman - The Shape of a Stranger
     Denise Hamilton - Savage Garden
     Sara Paretsky - Fire Sale
     Ann Cleeves - Raven Black
     Ken Bruen - Priest
     Patrick Redmond - All She Ever Wanted
     Stav Sherez - The Devil's Playground

March 2006
Author of the Month - Joanna Hines
Fresh Blood - Simon Beckett
Classic Crime - Raymond Chandler
     Mark Gimenez – The Colour of Law
     Raymond Khoury – The Last Templar
     Laura Wilson – A Thousand Lies
     Richard Montanari - The Rosary Girls
     James Patterson and Maxine Paetro – The 5th Horseman
     Dean Koontz - Forever Odd
     Margaret Murphy – Now You See Me
     Martin O'Brien – Jacquot and the Angel

February 2006
Author of the Month - Tess Gerritsen
Fresh Blood - Simon Beckett
Classic Crime - Raymond Chandler
     C. J. Sansom - Winter In Madrid
     Jan Costin Wagner - Ice Moon
     Lisa Gardner - Gone
     Barbara Nadel - Dance With Death
     Linda Fairstein - Death Dance
     Tony Hillerman - Skeleton Man
     David Hosp - Dark Harbour
     Peter James - Dead Simple
     Paul Doherty - The Cup of Ghosts
     Dean Koontz - Velocity

January 2006
Author of the Month - Martyn Waites
Fresh Blood - Nick Stone
     Graham Hurley - Blood and Honey
     Fred Vargas – The Three Evangelists
     Christopher Reich – The Patriots’ Club

December 2005
Authors of the Month - Frances Fyfield & David Roberts
Fresh Blood - Jo Nesbo
     Best British Mysteries 2006 – Ed by Maxim Jakubowski
     Anne Perry – A Christmas Guest
     Jonathan Kellerman – Rage
     Henning Mankell – The Man Who Smiled
     The Detection Collection – Edited by Simon Brett
     Michael Jecks - The Butcher of St Peter’s
     Lev Grossman – Codex

November 2005
Authors of the Month - Michael Connelly & ‘Nicci French’ (Nicci Gerrard and Sean French)
Fresh Blood - Louise Penny
     Judith Cutler - Life Sentence
     Catherine Sampson – Out of Mind
     P. D. James – The Lighthouse
     Peter Tremayne - Master of Souls
     Laura Lipman – The Power of Three

October 2005
Classic Crime - Gladys Mitchell
Author of the Month - Meg Gardiner
Fresh Blood - Cathi Unsworth
     P. D. James – The Lighthouse
     Peter Tremayne - Master of Souls
     Laura Lipman – The Power of Three
     Agatha Christie – The Thirteen Problems
     Chris Haslam – Alligator Strip
     Denise Hamilton – Last Lullaby
     Ake Edwardson – Sun and Shadow
     Daniel Silva - A Death in Vienna
     Agatha Christie – The Moving Finger

September 2005
Classic Crime - Agatha Christie
Author of the Month - Minette Walters
     Faye Kellerman – Straight into Darkness
     G. M. Ford – A Blind Eye
     Kate Mosse - Labyrinth
     Andy Oakes – Dragons Eye
     Jack Kerley – The Death Collectors
     Stacy Horn - The Restless Sleep
     Chris Simms - Killing the Beasts
     Karin Slaughter – Faithless

August 2005
Classic Crime - James M. Cain
Author of the Month - Stella Duffy
Fresh Blood - Alex Barclay
     Jeffrey Deaver – The Twelfth Card
     Boris Akunin - The Death of Achilles
     Simon Kernick - A Good Day to Die
     Adrian Mathews - The Apothecary’s House
     Elizabeth George - With No One as Witness
     Reginald Hill - Stranger House
     Caleb Carr - Italian Secretary
     Susan Hill - The Pure In Heart
     Michael Finkel - True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa
     Minette Walters - The Tinder Box

July 2005
Author of the Month - John Sandford
Fresh Blood - Catriona McPherson
     Lindsey Davis - See Delphi and Die
     P J Tracy – Dead Run
     Barbara Nadel - Last Rights
     C.J.Sansom - Dark Fire
     Michael Connolly – The Closers
     Ann Granger - Mixing with Murder
     Gene Kerrigan - Little Criminals
     James Patterson - 4th of July
     Martyn Waites - The White Room
     Lawrence Block - All the Flowers are Dying

June 2005
Author of the Month - Mark Billingham
Classic Crime - Margaret Millar
Fresh Blood - Stuart MacBride
     Arnaldur Indridason – Silence of the Grave
     Sue Walker – The Reunion
     John Connelly - Black Angel
     David Lawrence - Cold Kill
     James Siegel - Detour
     Greg Iles - Blood Memory
     Jon Fasman - The Geographers Library

May 2005
Author of the Month - Val McDermid
     Barbara Vine - The Minotaur
     Harlan Coben - The Innocent
     Ken Follett - Whiteout
     Francesca Weisman - Nowhere’s Child.
     Michael Ridpath - On the Edge
     Catherine Sampson - Falling Off Air

March 2005
Author of the Month - Victoria Blake
Fresh Blood - Craig Russell
Classic Crime - Celia Fremlin
     Last Witness - Jilianne Hoffman
     Alone - Lisa Gardiner
     The Broker - John Grisham